1. stellar

    Alternative to Ctrl+ F

    I have a list of posts, i made and I think many of it has been repeated. And it's tiresome to find doing Ctrl +F. Is there a software which finds the same listed posts and let one knows.
  2. Krow

    Pressing Left ctrl button redirects to home page

    I have this problem on Windows 7, not using any other OS as yet on my computer. Whenever I press left ctrl, any tab redirects to the home page of the browser (in firefox and opera). If I press left ctrl while all browsers are closed then my default browser (firefox) opens automatically and...
  3. Psychosocial

    Left and Right CTRL keys not working in Windows 7!

    Is there a solution for it ? I dont think its a hardware fault as both of the CTRL keys have gone kaput.
  4. D

    Keyboard catastrophe!!!

    I have an iBall Powerkey Designer keyboard, which I own for about 2 years. This problem only cropped up for about a month or so, and it's enough to make me tear my hair out. The keys on my keyboard are jumbled up. The alphabet and number keys are alright, but when I press the up direction key...
  5. M

    The CTRL + V Game

    The CTRL + V Game The game is simple . You've to just paste the text in ur post by pressing Ctrl + V. Also you can add a description Why that particular text is there in your Clip Board :x . Ok lets start this Ctrl + V :lol:
  6. Zangetsu

    how to close a hanged program???

    I got some games which were freezing with a black screen...& cudn't be able 2 come out 2 desktop either using [windows] + D or Ctrl + Alt + Del :mad: Is there any other way 2 do the same...using some app :D
  7. shift

    Shutting down Windows the fastest way

    click START > RUN type -> rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows or 1. Go to the Task Manager . 2. Click on Shut Down on the Top . 3. Click Turn Off ‘ and while holding down the Ctrl key but very old trick.................
  8. G

    CTRl Alt Del Login screen not showing

    Few days back my PC infected with virus and trojans.Bit Defender identified it and deleted few files but after that safe mode didnt boot up(culprit from my understanding is rundll.exe in c:\windows\system32\rundll.exe). it shows the black screen with "safe mode" letter in each corner of the...
  9. enticer86

    Ctrl + Alt + Del not working

    Hi frnds, Attached image shows the screen I get after pressing CTRL + Alt + Del.. Theres no menubar. What could be the problem?
  10. C

    Firefox Font problem in Fedora

    The fonts in firefox look very tiny to me and its barely readable. Anyway to increase it permanently ?? Am on FC 8. I can increase it by using ctrl +, but different pages are being rendered in different font sizes. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. anandk

    How to summon task manager directly in Vista.

    A tiny but useful tip ! Hit CTRL + ALT + DEL key combo in Xp and u get the task manager running ! do that in vista and u get dialog, from where u then againg select start task manager. in vista, to get task manager directly, hit CTRL + SHIFT + ESC instead !
  12. T

    Take MAX Out of Opera

    1. Need to open same sites every time you use opera? try this Open all the sites that you want to open each time you start opera,Go to SESSIONS in FILE menu ( or press ALT>f>i>s after a little delay between each keystroke) and click on SAVE THIS SESSION. Enter any name in the box that opens and...
  13. iMav

    Music in the air!!!

    have had this setup at my place for quite some time ... and wanted to share it but kept on postponing it ... however here it is ... This is more of an application of a method already known and posted here ... but with an addon and makes ur pc into a real jukebox at ur finger tips. What it...
  14. anandk

    Browser Shortcuts.

    FOR IE, FF, Opera. 60 keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 F11] -- Toggle full screen mode [Ctrl][Alt][F4] -- Close all but the current tab [Ctrl]E -- Jump to Search box [Ctrl]D -- Add current page to Favorites [Ctrl]Q -- Toggle Quick Tabs view and...
  15. C

    PDF Trick!!!

    Hey peeps now u can listen to wats there in a pdf document instead of reading the whole document.... Try out the following key combinations for Acrobat 6.0 & 7.0:- ctrl+ shift + b ---> To hear the whole document ctrl + shift + v ---> To hear only the page ctrl + shift + c ---> To...
  16. anandk

    Add Paste and Go Feature to Firefox

    1 of the many great features in Opera is the way it loads a site automatically when you paste the URL into the address box. The same applies to search, just paste the search term and the search runs automatically without the need to hit "Enter" or the Search button. Paste and Go is a...
  17. GeeNeeYes

    Tips for Opera Browser Users

    some great tips for Opera !! first some keyboard shortcuts: » press Shift + I to toggle image display !! » press Shift + G to toggle display modes » press / or . (period) to activate webpage inline word find » press F8 to focus the address bar field (also Ctrl + L) » press h or F2 to...
  18. eagle_y2j

    Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcut Keys

    Some important keyboard shortcuts for the well known applications: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Important Word Shortcuts All Caps - CTRL+SHIFT+A Annotation - ALT+CTRL+M Auto Format - ALT+CTRL+K Auto Text - F3 or ALT+CTRL+V Bold - CTRL+B or CTRL+SHIFT+B Bookmark - CTRL+SHIFT+F5 Copy -...
  19. soham

    Photoshop- Stone Age Text

    Start by opening a stone image. Type the text "STONEAGE" with a nice font. Hide the text layer. Ctrl select the text layer to get the selection. Select the background layer and press Ctrl J to copy the selection in new layer. Double click the layer to open layer style...
  20. C

    Comp Mngmt ->...Sessions

    Can anyone tell me how to create a Shortcut , which Simulates - Right click on my comp Manage Shared Folders Sessions I have got the Comp Management Shortcut from Ctrl Panel-> Admin Tools .. How do i edit its "Target" and "Start In" to achieve this ???
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