1. windchimes

    Network Driver Problem and Brightness Problem in Windows 7

    Hi guys, Got two issues pestering me quite a bit, and hope someone can guide me to fix them 1) My internet (connected over LAN cable ) gets disconnected each time I reboot the laptop and I have to install the network driver every single time. Know why this happens? Machine - Dell 3543...
  2. J

    ALT key issue

    I’m having ASUS eeepc 1005HA with windows xp home SP3. For the last couple of days I’m facing a problem with the keyboard. The alt key is acting like it is always pressed down. The keyboard will not respond (letters & characters do not show up when you type them) however it is acting as if the...
  3. D

    Keyboard catastrophe!!!

    I have an iBall Powerkey Designer keyboard, which I own for about 2 years. This problem only cropped up for about a month or so, and it's enough to make me tear my hair out. The keys on my keyboard are jumbled up. The alphabet and number keys are alright, but when I press the up direction key...
  4. Zangetsu

    how to close a hanged program???

    I got some games which were freezing with a black screen...& cudn't be able 2 come out 2 desktop either using [windows] + D or Ctrl + Alt + Del :mad: Is there any other way 2 do the same...using some app :D
  5. chavo

    About virus

    Hi guys... My pc got infected by a virus(i don't know the name) but because of that my left ctrl key work 2 open new web page,left alt key work 2 go in stand by mode, right alt key work 2 start calculator.. While playing games this keys are imp but i can't use them because of virus.. So plez...
  6. G

    CTRl Alt Del Login screen not showing

    Few days back my PC infected with virus and trojans.Bit Defender identified it and deleted few files but after that safe mode didnt boot up(culprit from my understanding is rundll.exe in c:\windows\system32\rundll.exe). it shows the black screen with "safe mode" letter in each corner of the...
  7. enticer86

    Ctrl + Alt + Del not working

    Hi frnds, Attached image shows the screen I get after pressing CTRL + Alt + Del.. Theres no menubar. What could be the problem?
  8. cooldudie3

    IE7 problem!!!

    I need help! whenever i click the address bar on ie7, it starts to shake and it keeps going untill i press alt and during shaking i can't type anything!!! :confused::confused: if i press alt i can't type anymore. but it sometimes works without shaking???
  9. S

    help needed in photoshop 7

    hi everyone plz tell me how to change keyboard shortcuts in photoshop 7 becoz my both alt keys are not working. thxxxxx
  10. S

    help needed in photoshop 7

    hi everyone plz tell me how to change keyboard shortcuts in photoshop 7 becoz my both alt keys are not working. thxxxxx
  11. Tech Geek

    Microsoft Windows shortcuts

    Most of you might be knowing all these shortcuts They are good for beginners These all work for Windows XP Alt + Tab Switch between open applications. Alt + Shift + Tab Switch backwards between open applications. Alt + Print Screen Create a screen shot only for the program you are...
  12. S

    Make ur written materials more beautiful by using AASCII keys

    Tutorial number = 3 This Tutorial is only for beginners Hello frnds, this tutorials is basically for beginners but it may prove useful to advanced and intermediate users also. In this tutorial u will learn how to make ur e-mails , textdocuments , presentations ,icons and general writing...
  13. paragkalra

    Enabling 3D effects on Fedora Core 6

    After 3 re installations and reading through millions of articles on, I finally managed to get everything up and working!! I don't know What the hell is the problem with Fedora Core 6 If you are planning to install FC6 on an i686 architecture - make note of this!! Anaconda screws up BIG TIME...
  14. P

    Typing without using alphabetical keys

    I came up with this solution when some of my keyboard's alphabet keys stopped working. :confused: To type, you need to know the ASCII codes of these charachters Charachter Ascii Code:p A-Z 65-90 a-z 97-122 0-9 48-57 There are in...
  15. C


    hey some body help me......... my comp is frequently getting stuck.. and when i press ctrl alt del ..... every time i find this thing called winodalp ..... i tried googling but no use it gives a few russian sites and thats it...... when i use auto patcher it gets stuck after 95% for...
  16. T

    MS Word shortcut

    Here are a few MS Word shortcut ------ Ctrl +Shift+ V Paste Format Pastes the formatting of the selection Short Cut Key Word Command Description 1 Ctrl + Shift + A AllCaps Makes the selection all capitals (toggle) 2 Alt + Ctrl + 1 ApplyHeading1 Applies...
  17. P

    alt + crtl + delete not working

    A big hi after long time Pals!!! Now that Iv'e got a job, working as a system admin, i am bugged by one problem.... let me put it this way... we have around 1500 users on our n/w..we are using win2k prof... users go for a break by locking a workstation...they come back and found alt + crtl...
  18. ramprasad

    Ctrl + Alt + Del

    Hi I use Win XP with SP2. Recently I installed the OS. If I press Ctrl + Alt + Del, I am not getting the 'Windows Security' window, instead my Task Manager opens... Can u plz help me to solve this problem... Regards, Ramprasad
  19. nix

    photo retouching

    this tut is abt how useful the clone stamp tool can get. you can use it to erase pimples, wrinkles, dark cirlces( of your mom) and unwanted marks on your face. 1)start with the pic in PS . i used PS 6. 2) enlarge the pic, editing this way is easier. make sure you have selected the...
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