1. tamatarpakoda

    Things Cut in Half Porn

    Everyone's on Reddit these days so might as well list out subs that some of us frequent a lot. Things Cut in Half Porn As the name suggests, this sub has images of objects from all walks of life sliced right down the middle. You'll find vehicles, baseballs, bullets (a lot of bullets), humans...
  2. Revolution

    IEM under 1K

    Hi All, I want to buy a new IEM within 1K for listening music on the go through mobile phone/PMP. Sound/Build quality must the best in the price range as well as Noise Cancellation cos Kolkata Metro Rail/Buses are very noisy. Sadly my one and half year old PL11 not working properly. Sound not...
  3. sandynator

    VFM 22 inch Full HD IPS LED TV for Desktop PC & General TV viewing

    Guys is there any good VFM 22 inch Full HD IPS LED TV with picture in picture features so that I can access PC on half screen & kido can watch TV simultaneously on other half I guess I'm not asking for more.. Investing on new PC so this thought just came to my mind. Moreover may require...
  4. @

    Bangalore: Where to get my Dell laptop serviced?

    I have Dell XPS L501x. I want to have my laptop serviced. It was done two years ago, in 2012, by dell, under warranty. It's overheating and I know there's lots of dust has accumulated. Due to my heavy usage I am sure even thermal compound also has wore off. So basically I want to have its...
  5. Cool Buddy

    Kindle books - formatting the table of contents

    Kindle is not very popular in India and not a lot of people own it. Still, I'm hoping a few users will stumble here to provide me with an answer. I'm making a book for my personal purpose (from a document in the public domain). Now, the book has 27 chapters divided into more than 500...
  6. Skyh3ck

    Monitor problem - Half monitor grey out - Help

    Hi One of my uncles Dell 22" LCD monitor is in weired situation now, Half of the monitor is ok an half of it half of it is greyed out now, Please see photo and help, its out of warranty now. Can i repair it my self, or i have to take it to service center Its not a problem with...
  7. M

    Medcinies at concessional rate for a needy family?

    Well i know a family where the lady suffers from kidney trouble.Monthly she needs to take 3 injections of Erythropoietin(10000 iu) (Generic name)(Its a very high dosage) plus atleast 8 oral medicine daily.Its almost 4000 to 5000 medical expense.But family earns around 8000 .They take Vintor...
  8. P

    What's so great in half life Hype?

    Alright can someone please explain me what's so great in the classical game half life and it's successors I heard a lot if buzz of it!!!but never played it. I am not dumb just exited to buy it but wanted to know what's it all about :-0
  9. adityak469

    Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 may go official soon

    YES you read that right, our prayers have finally been answered!! Ex-Valve developer and Counter Strike Le Minh confirms Half Life 3 is "being worked on." He also mentioned new Left for Dead which means Left for Dead 3 confirmed too. They both will become official after the launch of the...
  10. M

    Steam problem

    I have been trying t download dota on steam*but it completes about half it restarts what should i do?
  11. T

    Upgrade your RAM now. Say farewell to cheap RAM

    Upgrade your Memory now. Say farewell to cheap RAM "DRAM shortages, which started in early 2013, have become worse recently and may impact PC brand vendors' performances in the second quarter, according to sources from PC players. Commenting on the issue, Acer chairman JT Wang pointed out that...
  12. R

    Need help buying mobile under 20000

    Well my budget is under 20000 i can do 2-3 thousand up also My first priority is gaming and web browing,rest all just not neccesory till now i thaught of some upcoming mobiles like HTC E1,Galaxy Express,Lumia 720,Xperia L.i can wait till half of month of april if anyone of this get...
  13. B

    Question about running games at half HD in a full HD monitor

    I'm thinking of buying a Dell S2240L monitor, which is full HD. If I run games at half HD, will the games run in fullscreen or will they be in a black box?
  14. ghantaukay

    Reduce the size of Primary C: Drive

    I want to instal an ssd into my pc and want to reduce the size of my c: drive before I do that.I have allotted 120 GB for C Drive on my hard disk but that keeps filling up. Right now its a little over 100 GB and I want to downsize that to about half so that I will have sufficient space in my ssd...
  15. happy17292

    need a tool that can reconnect automatically

    is there any tool/software which could automatically reconnect to internet in case the connection is lost? so i could just turn off the monitor and leave my PC to download stuff for hours without checking network status every half an hour. i am using BSNL UE100 prithvi data card. and it...
  16. Desmond

    Black Mesa Source

    Black Mesa Source, a full conversion mod for Half Life 2 which has been in development in excess of 10 years will finally see the light. It casts the original Half Life to the source engine from scratch. This is a nostalgic moment for us and a medium for those who have not played the original...
  17. A

    Are Micromax phones good?

    I was planning to buy Micromax A90 or A73. Is the quality of these phones good and will they last for around Two years? I am currently using the optimus one for one and a half years. It is a moderate condition...To give you experts an Idea of my usage :lol:
  18. powerstarprince

    My laptop keyboard partially works

    I have an asus n55sf n' my keyboard seems to be half broken . Usually i use it on my desk with an external usb keyboard but recently i had to use the laptop keyboard . But half of the keys work and rest of them don't . Is this a hardware problem?? Apparently the laptop didn't fall down or hit...
  19. Alok

    Is it Half Life 3 ?

    Recent twitter updates have left fans speculating that Valve is preparing their community for a massive announcement and posts by IGN that seems to tie in to this are possibly hinting at an update on the Half Life series. Earlier today IGN tweeted a famous line straight out of G-MAN intro...
  20. A

    How to change screen size of android?

    First of all let me clear, by changing screen size i don't mean changing resolution. What i want to do is use only a part of my screen and not the whole screen. Suppose i don't want to use upper half of screen, i want only the lower half of screen to be used. I want my phone to behave like the...
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