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  1. C

    buying advice for portable laptop audio speaker system and headphones

    Hi Guys... I am looking for two things for my laptop : (1) portable speaker system/sound bars - My upper budget limit is Rs 5K (2) Headphones - My upper budget limit is Rs 2K I searched and re-searched and felt interested in 2 edifier systems for point (1) above. these are Edifier...
  2. perplexed

    Adhesive/Glue for Headphones.

    Hi, I had bought a sunnheiser earphone like an year back.. Maybe due to bad usage, or manufacturing defect, the place where the cord actually enters the set seems to have been damaged.. It has a two layer covering of which the upper layer has almost completely came off.. Could someone...
  3. A

    How to change screen size of android?

    First of all let me clear, by changing screen size i don't mean changing resolution. What i want to do is use only a part of my screen and not the whole screen. Suppose i don't want to use upper half of screen, i want only the lower half of screen to be used. I want my phone to behave like the...
  4. A

    CRT Monitor Problem

    I have been facing a problem with my CRT monitor of 17 inches for the last five days. The problem is- 1. A bright strip of white light divides the monitor in half horizontally. 2. Only the upper portion of the monitor shows the image. 3. The screen is compressed to the upper half of the...
  5. A

    Ball Bearing

    Sorry i couldn't manage the size of picture As you can can see in the first image, upper part has melted...Where can i buy this(BALL BEARING) in INDIA??
  6. R

    DVD Writer not detected

    Hi all, Recently when i opened My computer,I noticed my DVD writer drive was missing and XP showed only my Virtual drive.My DVD writer doesn't read any CD/DVD now and I'm really perplexed with this issue.The power to the DVD writer seems to be fine as i am able to open and close the tray by...
  7. sujeet2555

    services.msc view changed

    i have window xp .services.msc view has changed.see the attached picture.there is some space between upper bar and lower line.i don't know how to revert it back.
  8. Disc_Junkie

    Find out if you are colour blind or not!!!

    Many of us are suffering from colour blindness out here but don't realise it. I have myself checked in a website where I got four squares each representing numbers and letters. I found myself having colour blindness :-x by not able to distinguish a letter in a square.:-x Here it is...
  9. arunks

    Nokia 7610 for sale

    Any body interesed to buy 7610????? it is 1.5 years old with 512MB card and is with bill.. i know warranty is over but bill signifies it is genuine set.. Also if anybody interested to exchange it with some upper version model than it with reasonable extra money paid by me then also tell...
  10. C

    DVD writer not working in Windows...

    I purchased this Sony DVD-RW DW Q30A drive a year back. The drive has been working perfectly, until now, that is.... After assembling a new PC, I plugged in this drive, and installed WinXP. But after the installation, the drive simply fails to recognize any CD or DVD, and when I...
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