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  1. V

    Is Ideapad Y400 worth buying?

    I so wanted to get my hands on Lenovo Ideapad Y500 but unfortunately its quite pricey. I decided to buy Y400 the 14" version of Y500 from US. Is it worth buying?I'm concerned about the screen resolution as the official site says it has 14" HD display (16:9 widescreen) (1366x768) (220 NIT) i...
  2. Rockstar11

    Which is the Hindi font used in Google Translate?

    Where can i hindi font download it? i want to save translate "Hindi" words in notepad.
  3. P

    Copy Blogspot template, How ?

    I came across a blog (e.g xyz.blogspot.com), I really liked the template. In Firefox, I go to Tools > Web Developer > Page source. Copy all the content & save it in notepad. Now I will open new blog & upload this code saved on notepad. Will it work ? I tried it with no success. Can...
  4. R

    Why did all the contents in DVD got corrupted?

    It hurts; usually I use to make DVDs of such file which I have downloaded or got from any friend. This time I made so. And deleted the files from the Hard Drive. Now when I needed some of those file then I inserted the DVD and… fount that when I open: exe file : it opens with CMD like...
  5. hjpotter92

    Notepad 2 vs Notepad ++

    Which one is better? Please tell me. Both of them are almost the same, but NotePad 2 is light in size. Notepad++ on the other hand is present there when I right click a file. Also, tell me a method to replace default notepad in windows with something else ;) i.e. whichever is the best in...
  6. SlashDK

    all .exe being opened by notepad

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit edition on my PC. For some reason all the .exe files are being opened by notepad. That means I can't open any program at all. Other extensions work fine and thats why I'm being able to open firefox (by using a saved webpage). Is it a virus attack? Please...
  7. T

    creating a TEXT EDITOR i.e notepad type application using C

    hey guys,i need coding of text editor...i.e notepad type application...can anyone create this using only C not C++....if anyone knows plz post it i really need it
  8. F

    Freeup or clean RAM using notepad

    :)) RAM – Random Access Memory is one of the main component of computer that is responsible for the process of the operating system.Since all the Operating systems support Multiprocessing, hence require a good RAM speed. Since all the current running processes are stored onto the RAM, it slows...
  9. angie

    DLL files open with notepad (want to undo)

    I use windows 7. I accidentally made the default program of .dll files as notepad. How to undo that?
  10. R

    Notepad got corrupted

    Using Windows XP service pack 2,could not open notepad files by double clicking,those only opens with 'open with' option.Help.
  11. N

    Msconfig Problem

    i am facing a problem vid run command "MSCONFIG" .when i type this command notepad opens...???:confused:what to do>???
  12. Pragadheesh

    notepad tricks

    hi, i came across these tricks and thought of posting here. ignore if these are old ones. 1) Open Notepad Enter four words separated by spaces, wherein the first word has 4 letters, the next two have three letters, and the last word has five letters DON'T hit enter at the end of the...
  13. Shasanka_Gogoi

    sum notepad dilemna

    ok... i thnk it sounds quite simple bt still... i dnt hv a solution... i hv a backup of ma sms's on a notepad file... its like arnd 1000 lines ,,, nw all i wnt to do is to invert d lines... i.e ,, to bring d last line on d top nd vice versa.... plz tell me hw to do it..if it cn b dne thnks
  14. rook!e

    funny glitch

    this is my first tut for noobs only 1.open notepad 2.type: bush hid the codes 3.save as .txt 4.close it 5.again open the file using notepad, voila wat a alien language !!;) now post here what r you watching? [If you open the same file other than notepad,thing will not work] reply if you...
  15. Sparsh007

    Need help with C++

    hey guys i need a program which could do the following i will enter few alphabets and it prints all the possible 4 letter combination with them into the notepad file. Ex: if i enter a,b,c,d,e,f,g then it gives the output abcd abce abcf abcg acde acfg etc.... Help will be appreciated
  16. ~Phenom~

    Trillian Malfunctioning

    Hi Guys, Recently I noticed something very strange when using Trillian on my XP SP2. When I try to open my yahoo mail accounts using Trillian(that is by clicking on my email ids under heading "My mail accounts"), my firefox opens and normally shows inbox of my yahoo account. But just before...
  17. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Perl Basics

    Hi guys Am kinda new to this section of programming…actually the whole section is new…lol…and this is my first post here, so please pardon any kind of mistake or stupidity… Perl This is a bit old language and not used a lot these days but it really helps a lot in the...
  18. R

    Flu Burung Notepad Error

    Think got effected by a virus.Whenever i m turnin on my PC a notepad named "FLU BURUNG" is popping up.Plz some1 help me with some remedies.
  19. lionheart133

    XML help

    hi, small help needed, i am coding using XML, i typed data in notepad and saved it as "disease.xml" but after saving,i open the file,it opens in notepad instead of in the browser. anyone out thr who could help
  20. piyushp_20

    windows XP easter egg

    If you’re using Windows XP operating system, try this little hidden and secret trick which reveals sort of easter egg or bug by using Notepad. Open Notepad by clicking on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad. Type “bush hid the facts” or “this fun hit video” (without quotes and do...
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