1. M

    Phone Manufacturers: Who's whom?

    I've been amazed with the facts about the phone manufacturers and their tie-ups. Even more amazed with the knowledge of how some companies are actually subsets of others. I thought it would be a good idea to discuss that and unveil the insides of the smartphone market. Also, this thread would...
  2. R

    Cool Magic Remote

    Impressed by the Cool Magic Remote! My friend had gone to a mall last week and while doing window shopping he also visited LG showroom and there checked out their latest 3D TV Series. He told me about a magic remote, which he claims is like a mouse. He took me there next time he went and I too...
  3. static_x

    ever heard about Pranav Mistry - If Not Watch this...

    Watch it and You'll be amazed..... * *
  4. debsuvra

    BINGO! Installing IE7 in Vista!

    I tried a quite marvelous idea of installing IE7 in Vista via standalone installer from microsoft download center. I knew I cant succeed but I am amazed with the error message there. :D Just check it,
  5. R

    PC 'turn on ' automatically .

    whenever I am turning on my UPS , my PC gets started . Yes I am havent touched any cabinet buttons still . but just turning on my UPS to start it . but after that its got problem . PC starting but without any beep sound . and then nothing is on the monitor and its get blinking . I am very amazed...
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