convert swf to audio fomat

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Hi folks!
Is it possible for me to convert my audio files that are in my swf files to my mobile ringtone? Thanks in advance.


You can try "Total Video Converter" (not free), there may be other free ones. The audio is already in "mp3" so all you need to do is get it out.


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Yes, I agree with mittyr, get the mp3 out of swf. I mean you need a swf to mp3 converter to extract the audio from swf files.Try iWisoft swf to video converter. I use it to convert swf to video/audio. it works well.


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My way would have been:

1) Decompile SWF to .FLA using Sothink SWF Decompiler.
2) Open the .FLA file and go to the library and save the sound file from there. :)

Maybe because, I already have the above softwares installed in my computer.

But for you, the other suggestions appear appropriate. :)
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