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  1. Bytebolt

    {URGENT}Linking SWF movie with a webpage ???

    I created a movie in Adobe after effects and then converted it into swf file from any video converter. The problem is that that file is to be inserted in the main index page of a website. How to link that full file and make it clickable in such a way that it opens another page or home page of...
  2. M

    How to repair a corrupt SWF File?

    Hi Friends Need help with a corrupt SWF file which belongs to one of mine friend. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/08gkzqw5vhf4hpn/YMCA.swf Can anyone help me in repairing the above file? Thanks :)
  3. ax3

    view swf files ! ! !

    i have many swf files ... how 2 watch them without opening the browser ???
  4. Dalton

    convert swf to audio fomat

    Hi folks! Is it possible for me to convert my audio files that are in my swf files to my mobile ringtone? Thanks in advance.
  5. Cool Buddy

    swf file issue

    How do I play SWF files without using any browser. i don't have flash installed on my system. So is an independent flash player available?
  6. M

    wallpaper problem

    hi, I just want to know that can I set swf file as desktop wallpaper, or is there any other way to set swf graphic or animated video as wallpaper.
  7. vagish

    SWF as screensaver for xp pro

    Hi Is it possible or how can we set a swf file (flash file) as a screensaver in windows xp pro. please give me the details for it. thanks
  8. Charley

    SWF Files Player

    I need a software to run swf files, less resource friendly and Win 98 compatible.
  9. G

    Extract Animated Wallpaper from Digit CD and set it as Desktop Animated Wallpaper

    Hello Friends, Digit.exe is a non-standard flash file. you can extract and set Digit CD, DVD Animated Wallpaper as your default wallpaper. For this you have to arrange the packages given below: - Requirements: - 1) Screen Movie Studio v 1.25 (can be downloaded from www.mandsoft.com)...
  10. P

    Saving swf [Flash] files

    How to save swf [flash] files from any website to the local machine?
  11. Ganeshkumar

    Any Free SWF to GIF/AVI Converter?

    Hi:) I need swf to GIF converter! I got many softwares through google search but all r shareware!:( Thanks.... Waiting for reply!
  12. max_demon

    Magic - Windows is NOT 'CON'NING Me

    Hey i have successfully created a folder named CON Dont Believe? See this Video http://rapidshare.com/files/52401259/CON_.rar.html it is in Swf format 800KB it is Damn Easy :D:D:D
  13. C

    Ripping E-cards!

    Guys Warning! Tis is for saving flash files from greeting sites and other such sites without third party softwares. Not for VISHAL GUPTA and others who know it. Still Comments from those people will be accepted ;) It happens sometimes that while sending Ecards to ur beloved, u might want...
  14. CadCrazy

    How to embed .swf in word/excel/ppt

    I want to know how i can embed swf files in MS Office documents ?????
  15. anandk

    Save Flash movies/games from Firefox

    Sothink SWF Catcher for Firefox helps you saving multiple Flash based charts, presentations, e-cards, games and Flash movies in Firefox at one time. The small size allows it embedding in Firefox by just adding a new button. With only few clicks you can store your favorite Flashes easily...
  16. G

    These swf files don't play in mpc but do in firefox

    Hello, firefox plays these swf files but mpc, a component of K-lite codec pack, willn't allow it as won't internet explorer. Perhaps flash player, with activex controls, specifically for ie isn't installed? properly?
  17. R

    play swf file in media player classic

    I downloaded some swf files and wanted to play it. Generally we play it using IE. But just as I was clicking Open with it struck me that why not try media player classic and lo and behold it played very well. I don't know if anybody posted this in this forum( I have already searched this forum)...
  18. M

    How to download SWF files from the website

    Hi, Can anybody tell me how to download the SWF files from the website?
  19. L

    FLASH.OCX Problem

    I need a little [URGENT] help regarding flash.ocx problem on my PC [located at Institution Lab.]. Its like this : I have a project on which I need some Flash, so I made it and embebed through ShockWave Flash Control [software : VB 6], today I installed ppt to flash converter [showman from...
  20. ax3

    Save Swf files ! ! !

    i have created a flash site which has many swf files ... bt wanna save them from being downloaded or saved by other user 4 offline use ... ie copyrighted by me only ... how can i do it ??? PS: visitor shouldnt b able 2 find my swf file offline ... any solution ...
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