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Computer Shops in Bangalore


Hi guys,
Finally I'll be leaving for B'lore a few days later.Can anyone staying in B'lore please tell me where are all the major computer shops located?I'll be in B'lore for only 6-7 hours,so wanna buy the graphics card there itself.I know SP road is a place where computer shops are located.Just want some feedback from guys living there about other places.


K then..SP road it is..Actually I searched in google maps for computer shops in SP road but found very few shops(4/5).Thats why thought of asking in the forum.Guess those 4/5 shops will have to do.
Thanks buddy!!


Point Blanc
it has got many shops, it is a 8 feet or so wide lane packed with shops.
SP road is in the area of city market which is quiet a big market, for all kinds of HW and other merchandise
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