1. S

    Planning To Build A New Pc Need Some Advice..

    Hello, I am planning to build a new pc and need your help.. I have already filtered out the components i need.. Ill be buying them from lamington road mumbai.. ill be using this pc for my seo/digital marketing work and occasional gaming mainly (gta, fifa, rome total war, farcry and other open...
  2. Cyberghost

    Forza Horizon 3 Forza Horizon 3 Official E3 Trailer - In Forza Horizon 3, you’re in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the world’s greatest cars, including the debut of the 2017...
  3. V

    [Praise] TP-LINK Router Quick Replacement | Awesome service

    My 2.5 year old TP-LINK WR-740N router's WAN port suddenly stop working so the router was not able to connect to internet So 15 days ago I called there Toll free no :1800 2094 168 Ask for replacement in Mumbai they gave one Lamington Road no:+91 2243402424. So today i call this no and ask...
  4. P

    [Praise] Logitech RMA : Mouse | Lamington Road,Mumbai

    My mouse was defective (scroll button) since more than 3 months b/c the service centre address i got from Logitech Support (email + call on toll-free) was far away and the timings were too inconvenient. Anyway,i searched again b/c i wanted to find one in Lamington Road (i love the place :P)...
  5. sling-shot

    Horn NOT OK Please

    Horn NOT OK Please ---------------------------------- How do you feel driving on the roads? Road rage? Do you often feel like slapping the morons on the road? Do you end up blaring the horn at people who stop in the middle of the road? Last year this was my situation. I was losing my...
  6. Cyberghost

    Hackers Target Silk Road Auction Participants In Scam

    The folks at Coindesk are reporting a fascinating phishing attack on leaked list of auction participants for the Silk Road bitcoins. The list, which appeared after a member of the US Marshals failed to use BCC, identified all the parties attempting to bid on the bitcoin seized during a raid on...
  7. W

    real life Macabre tale

    Girl dies on road, parents killed after collecting body incidents like this should make people sort their priorities in life instead of chasing after materialistic pleasures all the time.
  8. A

    [Query] Good shops at Lamington Road

    I am planning to upgrade my PC. Please suggest some good shops to buy from at lamington road. Thanks. :-)
  9. Ronnie11

    135CC required with a max budget of 75000/- OTR

    150CC required with a max budget of 75000/- OTR Hey guys, so i am helping this friend of mine decide on a bike. He needs to use the bike for daily commute which may go to about 40-60km/Day. His budget is 75000 on road, unfortunately cannot go over it. He is looking for a reliable bike with...
  10. T

    Long drive on a Scooter

    Planning to go on a one sided road trip of about 150kms flat road (sometimes filled with potholes) on a TVS Wego Scooter. Feeling nervous as hell as I haven't went beyond 60 kms to-and-fro with that scooter which is now 2yrs old though meter reading says only 6882 kms. What you guys say? Have...
  11. Skyh3ck

    Monitor Required Budget 6k to 7k !!

    hi friends i want to buy a computer monitor for home use, main use is watching movie, and usual home use like ms office, internet, etc, My budget is 6 to 7 k, i will be buying from lamington road or online shops it should be with good viewing angle and widescreen, please suggest some good...
  12. Skyh3ck

    Need Wifi Card/Adapter for PC !!!

    hi friends i need to buy a wifi card or a usb wifi adapter for my desktop PC, to be used with wifi router. please suggest some good model with good signal capturing strengths Budget upto 1k buying from online or lamington road
  13. paroh

    Privacy, TOR, BTC, and What ....
  14. H

    Lamington Road

    Hi Guys, Its been a while since i posted here. Just moved to mumbai from ghaziabad 2 months back. I visited Lamington Road but did not find much. can you guys refer me to your favorite shops.. cheap and reliable ones? I am looking to buy desktop components.. dvdwriter.. wifi adapter, etc
  15. Nipun

    Anti Lock Braking System(ABS) to be compulsory for all commercial vehicles.

    A great move, I must say. Will surely help in bringing down the number of accidents. Let's just hope the quality of ABS on these vehicles. :P *Sorry for the adfly link. Standard link here.
  16. A

    Thinkpad from Lamington Road

    hi, i've set my eyes on Thinkpad e430, corei5/2gb ram/500gb hdd/ link to the product is: My dilemma, the local prices in pune for it are 41k, even flipkart qoutes it at same range, when i...
  17. D

    How has Internet influenced your life ?

    Besides some time wasting $hit, lolcats etc.. internet did influence my life a bit in positive way.. lemmi share some of the best things i've come across. 1. Today you... tomorrow me Couple of years back, i've found this comment on a askreddit thread.. this was posted by reddit user rhoner...
  18. H

    Road Rash spiritual successor on Kickstarter.

    Road Redemption by DarkSeas Games — Kickstarter Coming to PC/Mac/Linux
  19. R

    [Query] dell laptop @primeabgb, lamington road

    hi, i bought a dell laptop on 3rd april 2013 from primeabgb, lamington road mumbai. have a look at this screenshot, how come did my warranty start on 10th feb and ends on 11th may of next year? (has to be exactly 1 year right?)
  20. S

    PC configuration for gaming--Price around 65k max.

    Hi all i am looking for a good pc config for specially gaming purpose. The kind of games i will be playing is RPG,FPS,MMO,Action. eg: Assassin creed 3, BF3, farcry3, crysis3, blackops2,mw2,guild wars2 i want to play such game at HIGH/ULTRA graphics.. I stay in Vasai Road -...
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