1. aaruni

    New Connection

    Please suggest a good provider for a pre-paid connection in B'lore. Please, need some help over here... Have to get the connection ASAP guys...
  2. ssb1551

    Computer Shops in Bangalore

    Hi guys, Finally I'll be leaving for B'lore a few days later.Can anyone staying in B'lore please tell me where are all the major computer shops located?I'll be in B'lore for only 6-7 hours,so wanna buy the graphics card there itself.I know SP road is a place where computer shops are...
  3. eggman

    Help needed from Bangalorians!!

    Hello.. One of my very old friend ,whom I haven't seen from last 9-10 years is coming to Blore. So I will meet him(damn, he is very borring,should've lied) tomorrow or day after!! So can you suggest some place in Blore where we could hangout ....
  4. rhitwick

    Coming to B'lore

    Hey guys, comin to B'lore this 30th. Would be staying wid ma frnd @Marathelli (I guess, I've spelt it right) Would return on 2nd May night. What r d places I can visit within this short (short bole to micro) duration? B/W, if any of u stays near by, would like to meet...:lol:
  5. blademast3r

    Java and SCJP certification in Bangalore

    Hey guys need some info bt a good training institute in blore preferably arnd koramangala.. also need some info bt the SCJP certification..
  6. C

    Dell E228WFP or Dell UltraSharp 2208WFP?

    I'm planning to get a 22" LCD Monitor. Primary usage is gaming, while secondary usage is for browsing etc. I had in mind the Samsung 226BW, Samsung 2232BW, LG L226WTQ and ViewSonic VX2255. I had hit SP road today (12 Jan) to find the prices. Unfortunately the Samsung models don't seem...
  7. abhi.eternal

    Can i find this anywhere?!

    well i got the zen (* but somehow managed to loose one of the earbuds!! can i get original earbuds for zenstone in b'lore. pls help guys and gals,if any. i just have got 3 days!!
  8. keshavasiva

    Hyderabad vs Bangalore

    This seems to be the hot topic for discussion everywhere these days - TV, print media, board rooms of MNCs, lunch tables in IT companies, blogs - just about everywhere. 1. b'lore costly city than hyde ...but the citi's area is lesser than tht of hyde 2. Food ...believe me none can beat hyde...
  9. appu

    The place where i can get N73

    The place where i can get N73 @ Blore .... I am buying n73 music edition and i wann know where in blore i can get it the cheapest....[except in national market] i dont wann buy from there and could u plz tell me which shop i am get it the cheapest???
  10. A

    Any serious gamers here... who earn from playin games

    hi all. wanna know the answer... the UT guy fnatic@play.. who is this. from blore? and any others.. :?: :?:
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