1. abhigeek

    Cloudflare Captcha and dictionary attack.

    Guys from last few weeks I'm getting captcha error if I try to access any website that it hosted by cloudflare. You can see this in image attached. Because of malicious activity from my ip. Then I checked my ip at Project Honey It turned out series of dictionary attacks are detected from my...
  2. M

    DICTIONARY Extentions /add-ons needed for internet/mobile browsers.

    I search through and read a lot on internet. I dont understand the meanings of many words while reading. are there any Add-On's/extentions available in popular internet browsers so that if i select the word which i dont know, it will show me dictionary meaning of word. i will be happy...
  3. RBX

    Free Offline PC Dictionary

    Need suggestions for free offline dictionaries for Windows.
  4. H

    use dictionary words in c#

    i want to use random words from the dictionary in my windows phone app...can anyone help me on this...because it is tiresome if i add words in an array one by one...
  5. TechPlex

    Understanding File Compression

    Hello Friends! I have been trying to compress large files (nearly 2~3 GB) to smallest possible size with the help of 7 Zip. Unfortunately, I don't understand the meaning of the terms like dictionary size, etc. So I always fail to compress the files brutally. I have heard and seen people...
  6. B

    offline dictionary for android

    hi can anybody tell me abt offline dictionary can be downloaded for samsung galaxy fit which is running on android ?
  7. L

    Urgent French-Eng Dictionary Required(Nokia n73 s60v3)

    Please guys help me.I want a French-Eng & vice versa full free dictionary for Nokia n73 s60v3.....Can u please provide me link.. THanks in advance
  8. S

    mobile dictionary jar application with sound?

    Is there any mobile jar dictionary application that supports sound as well...ie pronunciation thanks
  9. Pragadheesh

    free dictionary

    Hi, Which is the best free dictionary for english?
  10. ayushman9

    Suggest Java Dictionary for Samsung Star 3g?

    I tried installing MSDict 2.71 but the phone says the "format is not supported" or "Unknown java error" . I was successful in installing a dictionary in the phone quite a while back but now i don't remember the name of the software . Kindly suggest me some good Dictionary that works on this...
  11. champ_rock

    Any englsh dictionary for Nokia 6300

    Hi As the title says: Does any one know any dictionary for Nokia 6300? I had a 6630 before and it had this nice dictionary called "MobiPocket Oxford Pocket Dictionary". But with this 6300, i am not able to find any! (I dont mind paid versions also) Thanks
  12. S

    english dictionary that pronouncation?

    Is there any dictionary software that pronounciate the word with meaning.....pronouncation with sound i found one online site...but i need software rather... thanks
  13. Y

    mobile dictionary

    How to install dictionary for nokia 2760 ? don't have data cable.Is it possible to install from other mobile using bluetooth? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  14. K

    Poor man's texting phone.

    Hello everyone, Sorry for bugging you all again and again. This is the last time I will be asking for adivce regarding this, so please help me out. What I want to know is: Which is the best phone for SMSing? ie, in terms of keypad and dictionary. I heard that Motorola's predictive text...
  15. P

    10K budget, please help to choose

    Hi, I need a new phone in range 9-11k. I will be using it for listening to music(main purpose) and taking snaps. I have narrowed down to 2 phones: N70 ME-10k W580i-9.8k (Source: Latest prices sticky thread) The main problem with SE which I have heard is of no Symbian(lack of apps). I will at...
  16. saurabh kakkar

    Suggest me a hand held digital dictionary

    Hi as i m trying to increase my vocabulary So I want a hand held digital dictionary to look for the meanings of words instantly :) plz suggest me any cheapest Device (PDA/Mobile) which Can solve my purpose regards Saurabh kakkar
  17. A

    What is textware& illuminator 2?

    I didn't install this programme D:\Programme files\Textware\ Quickfind\ Quickfind Server. I only installed Cambridge Pronouncing dictionary. When i place the cursor on Cambridge Pronouncing Dictionary in start - >programmethe path is : D:\Programme files\Textware\Illuminator 2. I am worried...
  18. PCWORM

    Dictionary program for SE-W810i

    Does ne1 know wether a free Dictionary program is available for SE-W810i(.jar file) I googled for it,,but didnt find anything remarkable...
  19. saurabh kakkar

    Suggest any Good Eng. to Hindi Dictionary

    Hi i m looking for a Good Eng to Hindi Dictionary preferably free :) which can be downloaded and Can be used offline . So plz suggest me some good one :)
  20. S

    dictionary for motorola mob

    well i have motorolla l7 ..though it does not support program install..it does support java file install..like games and all...can i get english dictionary (may be in java format) to download from somewhere so that i can install it in mobile and search words... (with out internet) is it...
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