Codename24 (internet app suite)

HI there
I just found a very handy application...
look at this
freeware app
Tired of trying and managing different browsers, chat applications and
other internet apps. Here comes the solution. CodeName24 is a bundle
of all net apps, just install this to get them all and all are now
easily managible with the menu design of Codename24.
access all ur fav apps frm one menu
It contains
Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, gtalk , pidgin, DC++ , Putty etc
built using wPP engine



download link for latest version
Deposit Files


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^^ are you the developer of this app ?
It can be downloaded from google docs itself so why bother posting a deposit file link ?

Here's the original download link :

Anyway, thanks for sharing - it will be really handy for webpage developers.
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