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Chimney Help - Company Using two differt MRP Tags


Broken In
We Yesterday Installed a KUTCHINA Chimney and it was a Arc Model it told to around Rs25000 including fittings.
They installed but when my brother was going through the boxes he found two MRP tags one Stating Rs23990 Manufactured on Nov14 and another beneath that MRP was Rs8290 and different Manufacturing date Jul14.
So guys i need help m going through websites to find the accurate price of my model but can't find any. or else i want the company to write the accurate pricing and explain in details about the mis understanding.

I need your inputs n Help. Thanks in Adv.

The Incinerator

Human Spambot
The price should have been Rs 23K with Rs 500 more for Installation at max. Recently I replaced my Chimney and went through a hell lot of research and learnt a lot in the process what at first seemed to me as a non issue! Ended up buying a Faber Premiere Energy TC 90, perfect for Indian cooking!


Wise Old Owl
I bought a KAFF 70 cm model for 17K. Installation is around 1.5K. That other (lower) figure could be the declared customs value.
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