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  1. bssunilreddy

    New Accurate Power Supply Calculator

    Hi All, Here is a new accurate power supply calculator: Power Supply Calculator - The most accurate PC wattage calculator
  2. A

    Chimney Help - Company Using two differt MRP Tags

    Guys, We Yesterday Installed a KUTCHINA Chimney and it was a Arc Model it told to around Rs25000 including fittings. They installed but when my brother was going through the boxes he found two MRP tags one Stating Rs23990 Manufactured on Nov14 and another beneath that MRP was Rs8290 and...
  3. Anorion

    component sourcing discussion

    posting a sketch of what it might look like, not claiming this to be very accurate there are multiple sources. for example, apple might order the camera sensor from 2 manufacturers. sony uses dragontrail glass from asahi as against gorilla glass from corning on some of it's models. there are...
  4. A


    I am given the task to find the value of PI up to decimal poins 'x' awhere 'x' is input through keyboard. If I use c++ and use setprecision() defined in iomanip.h, I am getting rounded off results. I need accurate truncated value. If I use c, I can not use a variable in precision field in...
  5. G

    How to fuse different songs

    Dear Digitians, i need a software to fuse some songs together as one and it has to be a free one. can you suggest any accurate ones. Thanks in advance.
  6. V


    can any one tell me what to look for when you go for a broadband connection.what if they say 256 kbps its kilo bytes or kilobits per sec. i really want to know how much speed you should get at 256 kbps connection which site really give you the most accurate information sbout speed.
  7. S

    got fifa 2007

    i have just got fifa 2007 gameplay is much better than last time although player face are not accurate rest is as before full review is comming up later
  8. Ricky

    Small connection monitor ! What's the opinion.

    I am always looking for a small software which can tell the exact internet speed I am having. I came across RxTx32 a long time ago but felt that it gives wrong data but now feeling it was always right.. Kindly http://www.netfor2.com/RxTxPreview.html Try to use it, it is so small and so handy...
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