1. R

    Gaming PC [~50k budget]

    Hi guys, I need a suggestion to build a gaming pc, mainly for csgo, and some other games like fallout 4, etc. And yeah, ~50k for only the CPU, no monitor, etc. 50k could be the max but i'm willing to go a tad more if needed (IF), and I hope I wouldn't need to. I want you guys to calculate the...
  2. windchimes

    Dell Inspiron - terrible Experience while purchase [ which finally didn't happen ]

    I opted to buy a Dell Inspiron 3543 Core i5/1TB/4GB/Dos model from store and what happened is as follows I was offered "the best price" on the laptop model - INR 37,900 /- and the product was delivered to the shop from the dealer. Now the MRP on the package was INR 37,512 [ Shipped in Dec...
  3. Richie Rich

    2.0 Ton Split AC with powerful cooling for 50k INR

    I need a 2.0 ton ( around 21,000 BTUs per hour) split AC for my living room. I don't remember the size but the previous one was 2.0 ton as per size and upper story room. I have these choices in my head: Carrier Novello Plus (3 Star) - 1860W - MRP 51k Duraedge Plus K + (3 Star) - 1910W - MRP...
  4. patkim

    Gen query - what is the life of blank CD/DVD

    Just this thought came to my mind..what is the life of a blank CD / DVD. I find that blank CD packs that were manufactured say about 2 years before being available for even less than half the MRP now in some retail stores.
  5. A

    Chimney Help - Company Using two differt MRP Tags

    Guys, We Yesterday Installed a KUTCHINA Chimney and it was a Arc Model it told to around Rs25000 including fittings. They installed but when my brother was going through the boxes he found two MRP tags one Stating Rs23990 Manufactured on Nov14 and another beneath that MRP was Rs8290 and...
  6. R

    Microwave oven : Convection : 10-13k

    I am planning to buy oven to cook foods , chicken , cakes(+) etc, when enquired shop said Convection is the best to cook cakes , tried google also Kindly suggest good 1 in my budget , i am new to oven cooking CE104VD...
  7. Superayush

    Positive Experience Bl-4c battery from They selling it at rs 232 +79(handling) and so got it for 311. The item got delivered in 4 days from placing order and battery packed and received fine,working fine Mrp on packet was 530 or so I guess...
  8. A

    Samsung Galaxy Core - Huge Price drop (Available at 12k)

    Galaxy Core prices have suddenly dropped on all major sites. Flipkart earlier selling it at 15,350 has now 12,900 as the MRP. Same with indiatimes. Usign coupon FREEDOMMOB, we can get it at <12k at Indiatimes. What do you guys think? Now with the price drop, does core becomes...
  9. eduku

    32" Full HD LED TV within 40K

    Hello guys, I am looking for a 32 inch Full HD LED television. 3D capabilities will be a welcome addition but smart functions like Internet are NOT at all required. CMR should be at least 100, and preferably 200. DLNA is another desired feature. What is the difference between EDGE LED and DIRECT...
  10. devx

    CAR - AUDIO System Under 10-15K max

    Hey guys yo, i need to build a music system for ALTO LX before DIWALI, i don't exactly know the size of speakers compatible, so please suggest me something good, powerful and long-life, my budget is 10 - 15k max and i would like to go with Alpine / Pioneer (nothing strictly), priority is bass...
  11. M

    [For Sale] Jabra BT3030

    Hi Guys i am selling Jabra bt 3030 the best in class stereo Headset. Name:Jabra BT3030 Price: 3000+ MRP Expected:1500 Package:Headset+Clip+Charger Not Included: Earphone and Jog dial * *
  12. The Sorcerer

    Good places to buy DSLRs in Mumbai

    So I am buying a Canon 600D for recording videos and photo stuff. I am most likely to go to this shop somewhere in Churchgate (forgot the name :-/) but let me know any alternates. JJ Mehta and chroma seem to be selling in MRP Rs. 49,494/- but other places selling genuine sealed stuff with bill...
  13. mailshobhon

    latest mrp of asus laptops

    this are the latest models which are available in asus right from the dealer
  14. pepsodent

    Samsung p3 16gb Silver

    Samsung p3 Media Player 16gb Silver Samsung P3 Media Player 16gb FM Radio,Video Viewer,Picture Viewer,Music Got as a gift.On 10-2-2011 Box was seal packed and opened by me on said date. Bill available. PRICE REVISED TO rS.7300 SHIPPED Rs.8000+150 shipping. MRP of this product is Rs.14900/-...
  15. maverick786us

    Good Case

    I want to buy CP 408 for my N900. Can someone tell me its availability and MRP in delhi??
  16. desiibond

    this is what I call a sexy netbook

    Sony creates this great looking netbook and makes it pricier than a full sized performance and sleek laptop (like XPS). afterall, it's Sony and they don't care about sales number :) Two modles, one with 65k MRP (weighs 650grams) and other with 85k MRP (weights 760grams). 85k model has a bigger...
  17. iinfi

    mobile buying guide

    i need a mobile buying guide. something which lists mobile from different manufacturers along with approx MRP in India. there used to be a site which no longer exists. anything which you may have used . thanks edit: i v seen tech2 but it only seems to have reviews and...
  18. utsav

    dont u think that koutons, charlie outlaw and cotton county r cheating us

    50%+49% off you hav to bear with these ads which u see each day on tv and in news papers . don't u think they r fooling us .:mad: just imagine why a company sells its goods at discount .your answer will be to clear the remaining stock or to increase product sale. but i don't think that a...
  19. a_k_s_h_a_y

    ipod killer ?? 5k budget ??

    i wanted to buy a Mp3 for my dad.....ipod has got no FM and is a total downer also i dont want to spend 7k but 5k and save rest for other stuff !! the sad thing is no discounts only strict MRP price coz i will be buying using a gift voucher of 10k...but i will spend only max of 4k on MP3 player...
  20. C

    :: Need help on DC::

    :lol: :lol: Please help me to choose between the following: Nikon coolpix 4300 3700 or any KOdak dc IF possible please specify the the MRP. :wink: :wink:
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