Check What Playstation Sent me (GAP members)

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Hey guys,

As u know (may be not,read my sig) I am the G.A.P member @ so atlast I recieved some hard proof for that.
For more info about GAP read this:

Actually few days back I recieved a mail containing a letter saying now I am a member of playstation underground with a certificate (shown in the pics below) and with 2 cards.First 1 is a I.D. card and second one is a chain tag(but i won't use it, just to clariffy).

Then yesterday I recieved a parcel(shown in the pics) that came with a letter and a T-Shirt with dual shock action buttons (ones on the right hand side and on the front something written in japnesse and on the left arm Playstation Logo with Gamer Advisory Panel Written on it.

Here are all the Pics in my imagestation Library:



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Stalker said: were u chosen as a G.A.P. member??

Become a really active member @ but u will need to have good knowledge about Consoles and still its not assured if they will make u a GAP since it all depends on the site (mods etc) and the other factor is that there are thousands of members on those forms and they only made I guess less than 100 GAP's.
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@$$gururaj$$ , every one can see how he is very fond of being some gap member , i don't care if he is gap member or a member of parliament , but i am not pi*sed/frustrated like you are . He has right to post it here and has not posted anything offensive yet . So chill.


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@Gururaj: Cut it out Gururaj or else you wont stay long enough to get to know us any better. Atleast try to understand what the other guy is saying before hitting back on him.

@Rest of the Gang: Lets get back on the topic. Any more diversions from the topic will be deleted.
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