1. ankush28

    Positive Experience Mumbai - Miscelleneous Items

    URL of product (if available still):- Lenovo M6811 USB 2.0 Laser Mouse - Lenovo: Date of purchase:- 6 September, 2013 10:59 PM / recieved on 8th sep ~ 11am Tracking ID / Order ID : OD30906075408 Your PIN Code: 400097 Courier used: flipkarts own URL of product (if...
  2. max_demon

    See what i recieved today :D

    Uncharted 2 + Tshirt , Ordered from ebay
  3. channabasanna

    February 2009 Digit Magazine

    Hi All, Those who have subscribed for Digit Magazine, have you people recieved this month Magazine. I usually used to buy the magazine every month, from the newspaper stands. So started to subscribe from this month. I mean subscription from Feb2009-Jan2010. So just want to know whether other...
  4. A

    What do you think about Digit's Customer Support

    Hello friends, I am facing this problem twice in this year. First in July and second time now:(. I want to share few words about digit's customer care. I haven't recieved my magzine up to now, and it's the last date of this month and also of July i have recieved magzine on first Sunday of...
  5. windchimes

    winrar doubts

    Hi all.. I just recieved a single file as multiple .rar files.when I extracted them to a single folder to retrieve it each I recieved it shows a series of .r"xx" files xx are numbers like .r00, .r01 etc in sequence. What are these and How can I get my original file back..?? ( When I...
  6. hayabusa_ryu

    Internet Problem

    hello friends, Whenever I try to connect internet via airtel mobile office I get this. sent = 2835 bytes and recieved = 198 bytes.And sent bytes go on increasing but recieved bytes remains same. In this condition Internet website don't open. What's the problem? I'm totally fed...
  7. M

    Internet Connection problem HELP needed Urgent..

    Hey dude there is one problem:confused: My LAN is connected, & it shows data packets are been send & recieved. But i am not able to connect to the net. My connection is BSNL broadband connection Plz help me
  8. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Louder Ringtones on SE Z550i?

    I have a SE z550i, which I feel has quite a mediocre volume when the phone rings. But recently I recieved an mp3 ringtone via bluetooth 4m a frends NOKIA 6233 and once i have set the tone, I can hear a tremendous difference in the volume levels and its way 2 loud than those files being edited...
  9. g_goyal2000

    How to know a Hard Disk is new?

    I'm going to get my crashed hard disk replaced with a new one. How can I know whether the Hard Disk I have recieved is new?
  10. Georgy_Can

    Check What Playstation Sent me (GAP members)

    Hey guys, As u know (may be not,read my sig) I am the G.A.P member @ so atlast I recieved some hard proof for that. For more info about GAP read this: * Actually few days back I recieved a mail...
  11. iMav

    random ringtone

    is there any application for s60 fones by which random ringtones will play when a call is recieved????
  12. teknoPhobia

    Conroe Steals Back performance crown for Intel

    Do check out Anandtech for the benchmark comparisons of a Conroe 2.66 Ghz v an OCd FX 60.... the numbers, IMHO, speak for themselves... Not only that but the Conroe's are also supposed to be less power hungry than the Athlon64s.... Let us see if AM2 is actually the big deal AMD is...
  13. R

    are you a X BOXer

    hey i wanted to know how many of you have a xbox 360 , and if you have opne where you got it from have just recieved a xbox 360 as a gift from my cousins .
  14. R

    Net Sender Gui for Linux

    A GTK- based NetSend GUI for linux for sending and recieving net sends from linux/windows machines. Uses Samba to send and recieve messages.It can be minimized into the system tray and a popup window will appear as soon as a message is recieved. *
  15. A

    Help needed... Red Hat 9 + BSNL Dataone

    Hi ppl.. i installed RedHat9 yesterday and created a xDSL connection under Network Connections in RH9. It connects since I ran terminal and check ip. It showed BSNL IP i.e. 59.93..... and I also pinged the Ip. Packets recieved 100% success... but when i am opening mozilla and typing a web...
  16. R

    generic host process

    hi there, I hv recieved all kinds of error messages on my comp but this is a new one. please tell me about this:-
  17. tweety_bird_bunny

    data1 data problem..

    i have data1 net with 1gb tranfer limit... is there any net usage monitoring utility which can tell me how much data has been transfered adding up the bytes sent n recieved??
  18. vysakh

    SPAM but which language????

    this is one SPAM that i recieved in my gmail acoount
  19. F


    thats another error that i recieved today while searching on the forum. and i think its internal php error. but phpbb was updated yesterday and y i m still recieving this error. :evil:
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