I am thinking about joining top gun technologies @bangalore for CCIE.

i got a broacher from them stating that if I opt for CCIE, there is no need to do

CCNA & CCNP. total package cost comes around 2.5 lacks including certification.course duration is for 6 months.

is it worth to spend so much money..?

is reputation of institute credit worthy..?

does anybody have any experience to share..?


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I think it is too much for the institute to demand for such hefty amount. 2.5 for CCIE in TopGun is NOT worth, better try in some other institute. Try in Internetworkz(Shivajinagar).

I have done CCNA in TopGun, with my experience the amount is too much for CCIE.

Be patient my dear friend!


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i think exam fee for CCNA is around Rs 11000/- and for CCIE it might be around the same.

So apart from exam fees and books they are charging like 60,000/ + for teaching.

I think if you can better learn it at home, that's what i am doing, i have completed my Diploma and doing CCNA studies at home.

PS : YOutube Helps.


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@mdp better learn some server os like windows server 2003,2008 or red hat and learn only CCNA will do can apply as system admin.
@bensimon1981 yes, you can capture CCIE lot better if you do CCNA,CCNP and certification is a must for networking industry.
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