Car symbol robbers in my city


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In Mangalore students are flicking car logos of luxury cars like BMW, Volkswagen

Car logo theft on the rise - The Times of India

Some students even robbed out bathroom parts and sold it from our college

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
bah! They even take Tata, maruti suzuki. Its happening for some months now, its not a new trend. Happens here in Mumbai too and it still happens.


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Read this quite a lot in automative magazine Overdive. It seems its a huge problem in many cities. They dont even leave Maruti 800 sometimes :shock:


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They should solder the logo to the car. This problem is virtually non existent in kolkata, but wonder by when they will catch up.


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All my Three cars are without logo.And not that they are premium models.They are bottom rug cheap Tata Safari, Ford Fiesta and Maruti Gypsy.
The mischief i know.There happens to be school just around the corner of my house.


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Woah! 2k for a logo? What for?
2K is the minimum amount for brands like Hyundai or Ford(No one bothers to steal a Maruti logo;-)). Its because these logos are not available or very rarely available at the dealer or any other accessories shop. you r left with two options, buy from these thieves or drive without logo.......:)


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^^No way it is covered under normal insurance. BTW no one generally claims insurance as you can buy them for less than 2K from dealer and claiming for insurance will in most case lapse their NCB which is more than 2.5K.......;-)

Why are they stealing them. Where would they be used.

They steal these things to sell them back to us at higher price. As these things are rarely available at dealership, they steal it and utilize its scarcity in the legal market and sell it in black at higher price....Seems a good business with very less capital;-)
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