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Cant Partition HDD In HP Laptop 5118

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Hi i have a peculiar problem friends
I have been using partition magic 8 for long and it never failed me,
Except yest when i triend to partition my mamoth 100 gb HDD.
Please its showing the error no 983, and is stopping the partition.
How can i overcome this?
Please help me on this, i really dnt know what to do.
Is It that HP doesnt allow to partition, if thats so, there can be a way to un do that right?


Congratulations on your new laptop. I always prefer setting up partitions and editing them from DOS. I am sure PQ magic 8 would have a feature to make a bootable floppy or CD to do things from DOS. I have personally faced some errors which I coudlnt get around with in PQmagic 8. Use Ranish Partition Manager to get it done from DOS.


Broken In
Well thanks man,
I got it around from the wesite, error will go after i run chkdsk -/f
So i have partitioned sucessfully atlast .!
Well PQ Magic is my personal fav, this is first time i got prob with it. ok bye
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