1. S

    camera for 15k

    I dnt knw much abt cameras, but want to buy one. My budget is arnd 15k. Which might be best for me?
  2. K

    Gaming laptop around rs.40000

    please suggest me the best gaming laptop around Rs 40000....please make a note that i dnt want to repent after purchase
  3. pulkitpopli2004

    Need a monitor for around 4.5 k

    Hi friends Need your help.. I want to purchase a monitor.. My budget is max 5k. Not more than that. Screen Size - above 15".. which ever comes in budget.. Bt picture quality should be gr8... i dnt need for gaming.. i normally do video editing,rendering, etc... suggest me some good...
  4. R

    Config for Gaming PC @ 40k

    I want to buy a new gaming PC...( in december 2011).. Plz tell the best config @ max 40k... I dnt wnt speakers n UPS.. Thnxx
  5. M

    mouse and keyboard combo

    i want a mouse and keyboard (may be combo if it is cheap) my friend recently had logitech one.. but i dnt know the model mo. is there any under 0.5 k??
  6. reddick

    Games for my Lappy :/

    I've ACER Aspire 5336 series (15") lappy which is a basic one. I want to play d games like of action or racing type bt dnt knw which wr d best n their compatiability vid my laptop :confused: I visit systemrequirementslab.com/cyri n it shows sm matching games bt i dnt knw if they r gud or nt...
  7. nvrmndryo

    Horizontal gray line on iphone 2g !! ??any idea??

    hi , i got this gray horizontal line on my iphone 2g display from 2 days , it was small but it has became full line now ,, i dnt knw hw it happened , i bought local data cable for my phone so maybe thats the reason or i dnt knw . so anyone has faced this problem ? its related to some ic or...
  8. C

    encryption software trouble

    hey hi i in my xcitment of tryin encrytption software.. i tried a couple of dem dint like so uninstalled dem bt aft some time i realised all my files in one of the folders dat i experimented on have got converted to *.rn dnt kno which software i used.. nw i want dose fills back can anybdy...
  9. A

    Apna punjab

    any one from punjab who is in digit forum plz reply here. Coz lot of products r not available in punjab & if available dnt cme to know. This thread is to discuss d same.
  10. G

    want to know more about cpu coolers

    well i know the importance of cpu cooling but dnt really no how coolers help nd if i need one or not. i dnt overclock rather i dnt know how to overclock i would if knew how to ... so i m begining wid da first step dat is to cool my pc ...plz help me decide wat cooler to buy nd my budget is not...
  11. G

    URGENT : plz help me buy a power supply and a cabinet

    since my power supply burned out the day i upgraded my pc ... i m planning to buy a new one ... plz suggest good a psu and a good pc case under 6k ... my pc config is: amd phenomIIX4 925 asus m2n68 1.160TB hdd 19" lcd 3gb ram ATI sapphire hd 4850 512mb i dnt over clock so plz dnt suggest very...
  12. anzaan

    IE8 - compatibility view

    Hi ppl i just cant understand the "compatibility view" feature IE8. when i save a file, it sometimes gets saved as "compatibilty view" n m nt able to view it under normal mode. i just dnt understand the need of this view.. can someone throw more light on this idea of "compatibility view"???
  13. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Need a cheap MP3 player

    I am really looking for an MP3 player with a tight budget. My main prefernces would b atleast 1 gb of storage . i dnt exactly need an fm tuner on it. dnt need nethn such as video playback or expandable memory also.. I just need some thng that can play good music. i cn compnsate for d low grade...
  14. sid_sh85

    LG LCD Query

    Hi guys....if u remember i had zeroed in on the samsung 2233sw after a lot of help frm u guys....now 2 of my dealers in mumbai frm whom i regulary purchase stuff dnt hav it in stock n said mite take 3-4 days more 2 get....meanwhile i saw the lg w2224ws or 2224ws( dnt remember exactly)...now...
  15. H


    hmmm....folks .... for sale is brand new 1 day old sealed packed xfx GTX 260 216.... got it for RMAing MSI GTX 260 as they didnt had stock........... note- since it is sealed pack i dnt knw d condition of d card......if buyers want i cn check d card for ne DOA or other defects....:wink...
  16. C

    help needed on ebooks!

    can anyone help me to download computer related ebooks...other sites would be appreciated!!instead of rapidshare coz i dnt have an account!!help me computer geeks...waiting here!!chandal
  17. C


    guys!! i want u to help me...to download ebooks... where can i find almost anything kind of ebooks..and it shoudnt be using rapidshare...coz i dnt have account.... others site would be appreciated!!! help me u GENIUS!! chandal
  18. N

    Graphics Card fix..

    Hi guys, I have a old pc wid P4 2.8 , DDR1 512 , 915GAv motherboard.... Most of games are unplayable... i got frustated the otherday when i couldnt play AOE III over it.. so i need a basic entry level card ..coz i ll be buying a laptop in July 2009... so dnt want to spend much... m...
  19. george101

    Core2Duo OR Core2Quad?????

    Hi every1... am ging to upgrade my system. am confused between C2D E8400 and C2Q Q6600... which wil giv me better performance? also suggest a motherboard within 5k which is good in overclocking and has 4 or more sata ports and has e-sata... i dnt need onboad graphics but i dnt mind having one...
  20. C


    guys! i am planning to change my optical drive...from SAMSUNG DVD RW....to SONY or LITE-ON..but i am confused which is better... which would u guys choose if u were me...some say LITE ON is great and some say nothing is better than SONY...i dnt know whom should i listen..plz help me and give me...
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