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  1. A

    adobe reader 9.3 problems

    my adobe reader 9.3 downloaded from the net doesnt work properly stopping every now and then.whats the solution
  2. techy_geek

    help to stopping spams...!!!

    i get a lot of spams to my ID...!!! How to stop them...???
  3. A

    Cant Partition HDD In HP Laptop 5118

    Hi i have a peculiar problem friends I have been using partition magic 8 for long and it never failed me, Except yest when i triend to partition my mamoth 100 gb HDD. Please its showing the error no 983, and is stopping the partition. How can i overcome this? Please help me on...
  4. O

    Is WINFIXER.com a Spyware??

    Guyz... I need some info on WINFIXER. Since past 1 week i am getting popups from winfixer.com I tried installing all the known softwares and tried stopping it, but it keeps coming back Can anyone let me know how to remove it?? regs oscorp
  5. praka123

    Seeing boot messages in Windows XP

    Hello, How do we able to watch windows XP's boot messages either by stopping windows splash screen..ANY ideas.. :)
  6. QwertyManiac

    VSMON.exe takes a lot of resources !

    Recently the Zone Alarm's vsmon.exe has been taking too much of CPU usage.. about 20% This has slugged my comp's startup process and ZA takes about 20 seconds to load :!: Previously this wasnot the case as ZA used to take only 2-3 secs to load completely :( What is the cause for this...
  7. M

    my system stopping after 3-4 hours of running

    hi friends my system is AMD 2000+ processor with asus mobo nearly 2 years old ,the problem is it is stopping after 3-4 hours of running .display suddenly goes of and button on the cpu even reset button.except you need to turn off the power. what may the problem can any body help me thank...
  8. S

    yahoo booter

    Can any body tell me bout any software for stopping the booters on yahoo messenger?
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