1. A

    gta 4

    Hey guys I have installed gta 4 recently on my system but it is a little bit slow so please help me how to overcome the problem. My cpu specs are Intel Pentium 3@3ghz,nvidia geforce 210 @ 1 gb ram 2 gb &500 GB hdd
  2. G

    How to overcome anxiety and depression?

    Hi all, I started this thread for asking some tips to overcome these issue. Anxiety-Whenever i face a problem , my mind gets negative thoughts of failure. For eg When iam at home, i get anxious when i hear some people outside calling or vehicle goes by. I feel sometimes that some bad thing...
  3. Tenida

    How to set wallpaper without cropping in Android 4.0

    I just download few wallpaper from web and re-sized it to screen resolution of Micromax Funbook i.e. 800 X 480p. But the problem is whenever I tried to set the wallpaper, it asked me to crop. How to overcome this problem? I just want to use full size wallpaper. Help will appreciated :)...
  4. panacea_amc

    Need for speed hot pursuit error in tablet..help

    hello, I installed need for speed hot purrsuit 1.0.6 (apk) and also the data file ..but after installing, i ran the game- it gives a '' not authorised on ur android'' error.. What is this error? How to overcome it? Thanks. i m running Gingerbread android in my Hcl Me 1x..aka Coby Kyros miid...
  5. gdebojyoti

    Patch to overcome 4 players limit in NFS: MW over LAN

    I am looking for some sort of a patch to overcome the maximum limit of 4 players in a single game of Need For Speed: Most Wanted over LAN. Can someone help me? Regards.
  6. TheMost

    How to overcome torrent traffic throttle ?

    Guys , I am a frequent torrenter and nowadays i am severely throttled of my bittorrent traffic .. So i went to torrific.com for some help ... It seems good and i used to Download them with IDM at a favorable speed but i am not able to add some torrents due to some personal problems Is there...
  7. ajooba215

    wat is this `CRC' error..??

    now everytime i start installing a game...it shows this `CRC' error...wat xactly does it mean..? and is there way to overcome it ... m not able to install any game i borrow frm ma frnd...
  8. M

    need some help buddy's(had a problem with USB port)

    guy's i need ur help! the problem is when i disconnect my mobile which is connected with my pc through data cable ,the system get restarted ,i had even changed the os but still i had problem,so plz help me to overcome this my problem!!!!
  9. trublu

    µTorrent problem

    When adding some torrent,I get an error"error:hostname not found while downloading url".This does not happen always.Why is it so and how do I overcome this?
  10. redhat

    How to overcome Rapidshare limit?

    Rapidshare limits the amount of downloads done by a free user. Can someone please tell me how I can overcome these limits? I need to download many files from rapidshare....
  11. A

    Can't access secure sites.....

    I have Windows xp with sp2 installed on my machine. I have started use of Reliance internet connection from last 2 days. Whenever i tried to open any secure site ( having * ) (i.e. gmail) , browser can't open that site. I have tried with IE6, Firefox2.0, Opera9.x, but still result is...
  12. N

    Corrupted Sound Device ?

    Friends, I am just troubled to find that whenever I try to adjust my System's volume and everything from the Control Panel,I get this message : Windows cannot execute SndVol32.exe,use Add/Remove Programs control panel to install I tried to reinstall my sound device [SoundMax] a couple of...
  13. A

    Cant Partition HDD In HP Laptop 5118

    Hi i have a peculiar problem friends I have been using partition magic 8 for long and it never failed me, Except yest when i triend to partition my mamoth 100 gb HDD. Please its showing the error no 983, and is stopping the partition. How can i overcome this? Please help me on...
  14. arcticflare

    Rapidshare prob

    Whenever I try to download a file in rapidshare I always get the message saying that my IP address is already downloading a file. How can my IP download anything when I haven't started any download. Plz suggest how to overcome this prob. Will a firewall or HideIP platinum like software help?
  15. A

    Data Error

    What does the message "Data error(cycle redundancy check)" mean ? It generall y prevents u to copy a file . How can you overcome it?
  16. S


    i have celeron 1.7 ghz processor with512mb ram(333mhz),mercury mother board.I have problem with direct x.directx9.0(c)is not installing in my p.c. what should i do to overcome this problem?
  17. R

    what kind of error is this ?

    what kind of error is this ?how to overcome this???help me plz..
  18. tuXian

    .:: Help Uegent : Local Name Servers ::.

    I run a Domain Name Registration company. So you can understand how important domain names are for me. I have to change the Nameservers of my client domains numerous number of times sometimes in a day. But I am facing a typical problem in my business due to my ISP. It takes a lot of time...
  19. C

    Software to overcome H T&L

    Hi all, Is there any software means to overcome the Hardare T&L requirement....Which are must for these days games......????? :roll:
  20. escape7

    Error - Direct 3D

    some of my games give an error : "Diret 3d failed to initialise" & the game closes. How to overcome this... :(
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