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can apps .....

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Please be more clear on what specific apps are you talking about.
But, symbian apps won't work on non-symbian phones and java apps won't work on phones which don't have java. Majority of apps today are of either of these two types.


java apps would work on symbian [ ie sony apps would work on nokia]

but symbian apps wont work on java [nokia apps wont work on sony]

so in short



Wire muncher!
outlaw said:
java apps would work on symbian.

but symbian apps wont work on java.

yes, absolutely!

outlaw said:
sony apps would work on nokia.

nokia apps wont work on sony.

absolutely incorrect! nokia has a large number of non-symbian but java and non-java based phones! so this statement is not true!

outlaw said:
so in short


he's just asking about application compatibility!


older symbian apps (prior to v9) don't work on the newer os. the apps for the new version need to be signed.

so in short, barring symbian apps, all java apps will work on any phone supporting java (including phones based on symbian os)


Java enabled Sony Ericsson phones cannot run Symbian applications.
Java enabled Symbian phones like Nokia can run both. Do remember - Not all Nokia phones are Java compatible.
Here are the list of 'Java' compatible Nokia phones:
The Nokia E70 Smartphone
The Nokia E61 Smartphone
The Nokia E60 Smartphone
The Nokia E50 Business Device
The Nokia 9500 Communicator
The Nokia 9300i Device
The Nokia 9300 Device
The Nokia 8800 Phone
The Nokia 7610 Phone
The Nokia 7370 Phone
The Nokia 7360 Phone
The Nokia 7270 Phone
The Nokia 7260 Phone
Nokia 6681 Smartphone
Nokia 6680 Smartphone
The Nokia 6670 Phone
The Nokia 6630 Smartphone
The Nokia 6610i Phone
The Nokia 6600 Phone
The Nokia 6280 Phone
The Nokia 6270 Phone
The Nokia 6233 Phone
The Nokia 6230i Phone
The Nokia 6230 Phone
The Nokia 6151 Phone
The Nokia 6136 Phone
The Nokia 6131 Phone
The Nokia 6125 Phone
The Nokia 6111 Phone
The Nokia 6103 Phone
Nokia 6101
The Nokia 6100 Phone
The Nokia 6085 Phone
The Nokia 6080 Phone

The Nokia 6070 Phone
The Nokia 6060 Phone
The Nokia 6030 Phone
The Nokia 6021 Phone
The Nokia 6020 Phone
The Nokia 5500 Phone
The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic
The Nokia 5200 Phone
The Nokia 5140i Phone
The Nokia 5140 Phone
The Nokia 5100 Phone
The Nokia 3660 Phone
The Nokia 3250 Phone
The Nokia 3250 XpressMusic
The Nokia 3230 Phone
The Nokia 3220 Phone
The Nokia 3120 Phone
The Nokia 2652 Phone
The Nokia 2650 Phone
The Nokia N95
The Nokia N93
The Nokia N92
The Nokia N91
The Nokia N91 8GB
The Nokia N90
The Nokia N73
The Nokia N73 Music Edition
The Nokia N72
The Nokia N71
The Nokia N70
The Nokia N70 Music Edition
The N-Gage™ game deck
The N-Gage™ QD game deck

As on 11th November 2006.


18 Till I Die............
outlaw said:
java apps would work on symbian [ ie sony apps would work on nokia]

but symbian apps wont work on java [nokia apps wont work on sony]

so in short

Also sony has symbian phones. Seen phones from P series? Then there's M600i and W950i. So, your Nokia rulez theory goes down the drain?


Yep! Sony Ericsson also has Symbian phones like P800/P900/P910/P990.
These are also Java compatible.
Nokia Rulez is a thing of past.



i do know that nokia has got NON symbian phones
but nokia emphasises on the 6 series phones and all of them are symbian
[not sure about 6633 though]

so i was talking about java compatibility of nokia's 6 series symbian phones

and about p series by sony
sony's just got a handful of symbian phones so its not worth mentioning
and there arent much apps available for sony [UIQ symbian] atleast not much as nokia


[ of course there's linux/windows mobile editon..............]
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