1. detonator2359

    need hlp Lookin for android phone with 1Ghz proccy

    hi frnd m very much confused which cell to buy lookin for a android phone which should not exceed 25k and should have 1Ghz processor ... plz hlp me out frnds...
  2. rohanz

    DTH plz hlp

    Hey guyz culd u hlp me buyin a dth plz tell which one is the best airtel tata sky dish tv plz reply fast
  3. rohanz

    plz hlp... urgent..!!!

    hey guyz i have a kingston 120 16 gb pen drive i deleted every thing from it manually exept a bootex file and the next i plugged it in i wasnt able to open it it was shownig error J:\ is not accessible. Incorrect Function. i cannot format it or do any thing i did every thing like...
  4. rohanz

    modding my cabby

    i want to mod my cabby plz hlp... picz are attached
  5. A

    download youtube videos???

    how can i dwnload youtube videos???? pls hlp me out
  6. alexanderthegreat

    Joke: Guidelines for posting on this forum.

    CAUTION:This is just a joke for light reading (But sadly, this is the unspoken truth!). The real rules are the exact opposite of the guidelines posted below. The poster recommends people follow the real rules (Link in signature). <satire> Guidelines for posting on this forum, and for...
  7. davinci

    Help me choose a lappy

    I want to buy a lappy around 50k and it should be able to handle some new games like pro street,god of war3 etc.I have short listed a few so pls hlp me choose 1 1.viao VGN-CR363/B 2.LG S900 K Desknote 3.dell xps m1530 4.apple mac book(nt sure whether its config is powerful enuf it its sure is...
  8. V


    helllo,frnds, i'am new 2 this field plz hlp 4 cisco certifications, help ,my...........:p:p:p:p
  9. V

    windows booting take a minute

    i installed fedora 8 and windows xp .windows booting takes a long time.pls hlp me its testing my patience
  10. K

    need help

    Hello... i want a program using TSR in C language...when i do input , output some number ..it performs the operations and gives me the msessage that "Wellcome"....plz hlp me in this
  11. V

    xp mediacenter problem

    I recive a pop up message "ircengnt Module has encountered aproblem and need to close" can any hlp me to recover this problem
  12. Sparsh007

    can apps .....

    can applications supported by other phones work on a non supported phone?? plz hlp urgent
  13. S

    Looking for Thermaltake,Antec PSU's

    I planning to buy ATI X1800GTO for which I m looking for good 450w+ PSU I am mainly looking for Thermaltake couz they are cheaper than Antec. Someone tell me the dealers or webistes from where I can get one. Any hlp will be Appreicated.
  14. netguy

    Need hlp regarding working with Virtual Dub

    My friend recently gave me this sofware Virtual Dub 1.5.10 My friend said that with the help of this tool i can fit a whole cinema in to a cd . but he too doesnt know how it works he showed me a movie made of this thing can any one help regarding this issue
  15. A

    Torrent/P2P software for SuSE

    Are there any torrents/limewire ver. of linux???? Plz also gv the link of downloading the software. ( if steps to install are given it wud b very NICE :D ) of you. Thnx in advnace 4 the hlp u guyz will gv.
  16. V

    Mobile Logo

    Can anyone tell me How to set the logo which I have downloaded from Airtel Live! it is in .ncl format in my 6630. Mobile is opening it as an image. Guyz pls hlp me out.
  17. S

    Ngage QD FAQ

    Well i bought an Ngage-QD phone but i still need to unleash its true potential..........shamefully, i still use it only to ATTEND CALLS!!! The prob is dat i need somebody to explain me how to do so i.e how the mem card funcs, which one, 256 or 512 MB, do i need to get to play games eg. Call of...
  18. T

    The world of RAID-0, 0-1how tos ???????

    hi, i have got 2 80 GB SATA HDD. well, what i want now is to configure them in RAID (??? ) this numbering am a bit confused. so, anyone out there who would help me to solve this problem??? heard that this set up SPEEEEEEEEEEDs up the computer performance.and i would like to explore...
  19. J

    Building a new rig

    Hi Guys, I am planning to built a new PC for under Rs. 32000/- So, pls hlp me to choose the configuration. pls hlp meeee!! Ton of Thanks for all of u.
  20. P

    hlp hlp!!! problems with the encryption in xp

    i'd once encrypted my important documents in xp. but now i'm not unable to access those files. they simply say "access denied". though i log with the same login i used during encryption of the documents. my system is in NTFS. i think once i'd cleand all those temporary and system files used...
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