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  1. O

    Best phone under 9k | Windows orAndroid

    Hey guys please suggest non-Chinese brand phone with stock Android OS or Windows. How's new Moto G4 and for how many years their devices are supported for an update/OS.
  2. sling-shot

    What AMD Socket currently available is likely to remain supported longest?

    If I am planning to upgrade/buy an AMD based build now, which socket type should I prefer keeping in mind future plans to upgrade CPU 2 - 3 years down the line? Or which socket type is most likely to remain supported with processors down the line farthest? I understand that AMD has a better...
  3. truegenius

    need karbonn a5 battery, similar to sg s3 and titanium s2

    Hi, i have karbonn a5 which i bought in 19/8/2012 but now its battery is going bad, it doesn't last as it used to be, and its swelling a bit so i was searching for its battery in market and found that it will cost me Rs700-800 but i don't want to spend this much for just 1420mah, so i...
  4. sharang.d

    Best 32 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card?

    Looking forward to buying one for an Android phone. Is a class 10 even supported? Which company should I go for? Should be reasonably priced. (Around 1.5k I guess?)
  5. $hadow

    New Nexus 4 expected at I/O

    A new nexus 4 may be expected at Google I/O in may. The nexus will be with 32gb memory inbuilt, 4g supported and Android 5.0 out of the box. http://www.droid-life.com/2013/04/21/weird-rumor-32gb-nexus-4-with-cdma-and-lte-to-be-announced-at-google-io/
  6. S

    inear headphones under 1.5k

    Please suggest any good inear headphones for Htc Desire X under 1.5k mostly for music.I have seen some headphones which Are not supported by HTC.
  7. S

    Max RAM for Dell XPS L502X??

    I have currently 4GB Ram,i want to extend the RAM.How much RAM is supported by Dell XPS 15 L502X?Is 16 GB supported?
  8. technova

    No idea about graphics cards

    Dear All, I have Intel 945GC mobo and Pentium-D processor and wants to upgrade the configuration for good gaming experience. My planning is to purchase a graphics card which is supported on my current configuration. The budget is 2.5 to 3K. Please suggest a graphics card and also let me...
  9. sharang.d

    Need a new Router(Non Adsl) under 2k

    1) Should have 4 or more LAN ports 2) WIFI (Band and frequency does not matter) 3) DD-wrt supported will be an added advantage but not really necessary. It's for a friend.
  10. RCuber

    LTE query..

    I read this in Airtel 4G LTE FAQ.. AFAIK LTE supports Voice calls .. can anyone put some light on this?
  11. D

    microsoft gamepad vs logitech gamepad

    i am confused between seclecting logitech gamepad or microsoft game pad microsoft one looks better but it may not be supported by all games plz help
  12. The Sorcerer

    Synology DiskStation DS112J Single Bay NAS Storage Review

    Network Storage is picking up the pace not just for SOHO, but also for personal storage as well. Digit India sent a DS112J for evaluation and the first NAS storage review in Hardware BBQ. http://youtu.be/E_aDhBqoY2E Synology DS112J is a single bay NAS Storage device and just like how NAS...
  13. B

    Angry birds Plant VS zombiES opeN GL error

    My system confgriation is as follows Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2800 GHZ Mother Board; Foxconn G31 MX Chipset: G31, Shoket: LGA 775 Hard Disk: WD Caviar Blue 500 GB Optical Drive: Sony DVD R/W Monitor: Samsung Sync Master 22” resolution 1920*1080 Keyboard...
  14. Darshan Singh

    Encoding Videos for iPod Touch

    Hi guys, I purchased iPod Touch last month. Now the problem is that although it plays videos in 720p but fails to play some other videos. I have videos in various formats but it plays only mp4 videos and not all of them too. I think it supports files only with specific characteristics. I...
  15. A

    Tablet (Zync Z990 Plus VS Micromax Funbook)

    Hi guys n Guru's of TDF i want to buy Cum advice a tablet for my friend by 2day or give order by Online so advice is required fast n Reliable Budget under Rs7000 My 1st Choice is Zync Z990 Plus at Rs(6790-6990) Screen Resolution 800 * 480 pixels Internal Memory 4 GB Processor...
  16. ramakanta

    OpenGL error playing Angry BIrds on PC

    I just downloaded Intel AppUP and got the game Angry Birds for free. When I click to launch the game in AppUp I get the following error: OpenGL 2.0 renderer not supported! Reason OpenGL 2.0 is not supported OpenGL 1.4 renderer not supported! Reason OpenGL 1.3 is not supported please...
  17. S

    Nvidia geforce gt 630m

    i have a hp dv6 7010tx equipped with NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M.... . i downloaded nvidia 301.42WHQL driver for it...during installation it shows hardware nt supported while according to official site it should !! what to do???
  18. N

    Montherboard query

    Hi everyone. I am facing problem with my HP laptop. I purchased an HP Pavilion dv2500 laptop from US.The laptop is not booting & nothing happens when you press power button. HP service centre told me that there is likely problem with motherboard but since the model has not been launched in...
  19. A

    RAM- 200 or 240 pin?

    I have a Jetway I31GM4 Intel G31 chipset mobo. I wish to buy a 2 gb DDR 2-667 Ram and now confused which one to buy. On searching in flipkart I got one 200 pin config and another 240 pin one. I dont know which one is supported by my mobo. Please help.. Also mention which company...
  20. M

    A Question.

    Hello! I want to ask you all a question. My brother has a GA 880GM USB3 with an fx 6100 and a HD6770. He wants to ask that can he pair another HD6770 on this board? Is the board crossfire supported? There is not enough info on google. Thank You!
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