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Calling all Pune Techies...

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Well finally after 8 hrs..of recovery....

Deleted the File..Damn.. even Zip Key couldn't find the password..!!!!


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Damn it ppl. Stop fragging my Systray ppl.

ZA for firewall and KAV for Viruses. My machine is on the net since 6 months without any issues at all. Thanks to both of those appz :)

Daemon tools is there coz I wanted extract the NFS:MW game and then it dint work so I left it there dunno y?? Then I have to extract loads of things frm bin and cue files so its till there.

Dipen cracking a ZIP file password is near to impossible so leave it if u dont know the pass forget it coz its not gonna happen I tired it and my pc showed me the time as 4500 years remaining :shock: now thats some time :p anyways I deleted a 135 MB file I had downloaded so u r better off.


na..what i did first was i checked that is the soft really able to get the pass or not..so i created a password protected zip file..and then used the soft to crack it..

It sucessfully cracked in half hour..though pass was of only 4 alphas. so tried it with this file..but no sucess :lol:



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i am not able to find time to get prepaired for our demo.
so i am planning to postpone the demo by one week.

is it OK?????????

anyway i wont be in Pune as i have other very very imp meet so i have to go there. but you can come down to my place anytime and contact abhi and get whatever data you want.

and be prepaired for our next official meet..... may be next sunday...

please let me know your view.




Well its important for you so can't help...

Anyways i was thinking of burnin the DVD's from your PC. So was not sure which time will be suitable , i mean there is no contact number of abhi either.

So what do u want me to do now. Will sunday feasible for him !!

and yeah can u pls enquire frm him abt the TV Tuner card. If u remember we had a talk on Sunday.

So pls let me know when it will be confirtable to him, will come and burn the DVDs....and yeah avi ur 40 GB HDD ....man..is completely gone...It shows the Data in it...but unable to copy it or read it or delete it.When i try...my dumb machine simply hangs...

So will even return ur HDD

Anyways.... lemme know abt this..

Bye, Dipen


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guys talk to abhi on - 24341525.
i know that HDD is gone so better you take your blank DVD's with you and take all you want.

and i guess he is at home on sunday just inform him in advance.


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Ok here is the complete story of my bike,

First of all me and my Dad went to Sterling Honda on 2 Jan and booked a Honda Unicorn (Blue), and payed the down payment of Rs. 19,393 thru cheque. And then we filled up a form for a vehicle loan from HDFC. All the formalities cheques and all were finished except for my dads photo. So dad went to Sterling on the same day in the evening with his photo. Then there that HDFC representative told dad that there was some problem in the tallying of the total, so dad waited there for some half an hour after that the comp lady told him that there was no problem at all. Now this all finished and then we were waiting for the verifier to arrive.

Now on 5 Jan we had called to our bank to verify that is the cheque that we gave Sterling got encashed or no. The bank ppl told us that it had been transferred. Then we called Sterling as to when was the verifier was due to come. That ass told my dad that there was a tally problem in the amount and we had to give some 1800/- more. My dad was furious and in that rage he told that guy to cancel the bike loan and everything. Then the next day my dad was busy calling all the HDFC guys to report this thing I mean now cmon if someone is asking 3500/- intrest on 35,000/- for 6 months then who would want a loan man. Then in the evening a HDFC fella who sounded a bit scared and angry called up at our place dad wasnt there neither was me so he dint call back dunno why ??

Then next day my dad went to HDFC Finance Company. (Now this is the insider information, we have some FD's in HDFC Finance Company.) Dad took all the papers and by 1 pm he came back with the loan cheque !! Damn wasnt that easy. This happened 2 days back. Now today was the D-Day for that sales guy. My dad called a prominent hero honda repair guy who we know for quite some time. He told us that, that sales guy was a piece of $hit and he was charging always extra money without any reason. So dad finally went to Sterling and told that guy to cancel the bike (he was gonna buy it from Pashankar with octroi).

Then the manager of Sterling called dad in his cabin. The sales guy was scared to bits he told dad that " Tumhi tyana asa sanga ki tumchi mansik paristhiti bigadli hoti karan tumchya mulala gaadi chalavta yet nahi mahnun tumhi bike cancel karat ahat" ( Tell him that your mental peace was gone because your son doesnt know how to ride a bike ) ( Saala kya madar hai be usko kya karna hai saala main gaadi leke kuch bhi karoon usko kya) My dad was infuriated he told that guy that how dare you tell me what to do. You mind your business and I'll mind mine. He went to the manager and told him all the story till now. The manager told dad that HDFC ppl always make trouble he also had some trouble when he had bought a Santro. He was telling dad some exclusive schemes 'specially made for us' wherein he would give us a loan with 9.5% intrest for 9 or 13 months. My dad asked him that who told him that we needed a loan now.

Dad told him that I'm gonna give u a cheque for the remaining money and I need the bike in 2 days. He told that the cheque itself needs 3 days to clear. Dad said ok u want DD or Bankers cheque u name it and u get it. Then he was happy and said ok saheb u'll get ur bike within 2 days. Now the remaining action is gonna unfold till this weekend thats when I'm scheduled to get my bike wopeeee. Dad's gonna give him a DD tommorrow and I'm gonna smack that sales guy in his face.

Ok update ppl today ie 12th Dad gave him DD and he told dad that ur bike is ready. But I told dad we're getting bike on Sat coz its Makar Sankranti. So Sat its final I'm getting my bike on Sat my fren is gonna ride it till my home. Ppl dont expect me to be coming to meets so soon on my bike tho :p my dad is a lil scared of me going on main highways and still I dont have a permenant liscence so thats y I'll learn the bike first.


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Dipen01 said:
na..what i did first was i checked that is the soft really able to get the pass or not..so i created a password protected zip file..and then used the soft to crack it..

It sucessfully cracked in half hour..though pass was of only 4 alphas. so tried it with this file..but no sucess :lol:


i did the same the 1st time a few years back ...

but lately the passwords have been EMAIL IDS for files u download ..

so hence 1. they are very long and 2. u need to check for alpha,num and special which takes looooooooooong ....

i'm an SE student studying in PICT, Pune ... wat abt u guys ??

i dont really wanna violate ur data sharin rule tho i got ttl 360GB hdsk space ,so .......

i jst got a new comp 2 ...

AMD Athlon 3500+ 939
Asus A8N-E
SEAGATE 160GB SATA 2 (+ Seagate 120GB + Seagate 80GB)
2GB DDR RAM 400Mhz Tran
Microsoft keyboard + Mouse
Logitech MX - 518 Mouse
vip 1122 (google for it ....) with Atrix 500W SMPS
17" LCD Viewsonic
speakers- Altec Lansing 2.1 hardwired with Philips Deck Speakers

what say ??


Welcome Cyco , BTW whats you name ?

Have Fun..!!

I guess even you are AOE lover :p

@Mikey :: MAN NOW YOU CAN't ESCAPE ... You are sponsoring a party on coming Sunday :D and yeh we can help you.. we will also drag avi in it as his Japan party is pending since decades and his Unicorn party is pending since ages :wink: ..All in one :p

Catch you guys later...


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@CYCO --- Awesome rig!
If possible post d individual prices.

@Mickey... we are expecting a treat from ya

@Avi --- When is d Send off party?
Btw when are u planning to have the Overlocking + Vmware Demo?

@Every1 --- R we having a meet this Sunday?


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Ok done next meet milke party karnege mera + avi. But I think avi is busy rite now so next sunday meet hoga main to bolta hoon ki kahin ghoomne chalte hai yaar ek kamre mein saala bore hota hai.


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hey ... im vikrant agarwal btw ...

@devianthulk as below ...

AMD Athlon 3500+ 939 10900
Asus A8N-E 5600
ATI X800XL 256 MB PCI-E 17750
2GB DDR RAM 400Mhz Tran 10000
LITEON DVD writer 3400
Microsoft keyboard 400
Logitech MX - 518 2650
vip 1122 with Atrix 500W SMPS 4000
Epson CX4700 7600
17" LCD Viewsonic 14500

4% vat (not included .. discount) 83600
-2500 old monitor 81100


:shock: :shock: Damn....its Costed a BOMB man...!!!! I am here crying , beggin for a Second Hand SDRAM...and i see a rig of 84K...NICE :lol:


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Hey guys, I need some help.

Can you please tell me how much a double bed hotel room would cost in Pune? I just need a clean, decent hotel or a lodge, nothing fancy. Also it would help if the place is as near to Vishrantwadi as possible.

I will be in Pune in the second week of Feb so I need to plan out everything in advance. Can you all please help me on this?


Yeah...Cant tell you the sureshot rates...NO IDEA ABOUT VISHRANTWADI

As u said nothin fancy , decent... will let u know approx prices of some areas where i live/use to live...

Deccan Gymkhana Area -- 500 - 700 /day
F.C Road -- 600 - 850 /day
J.M Road -- 600 - 800/day

No idea abt others..and these too are approx. IT is not that u wont find a room cheaper than above rates. These are my obervation.

May be some people livin near Vishrantwadi may help you..



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@CYCO --- 81k... Thats freakin hell lotta money!
I hope u gettin all d juice outta this mean machine.
Have u played Quake4 or COD2 on it?
Lemme know whether it can take d heat when all the eye candy is turned on.

@ctrl_alt_del --- Whats ur budget... n duration of stay?


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Ok guys got my bike atlast man my fren and me bought (obvi he was ridin it me piggy back :p ) Anyways I got a deadline to learn the bike i.e. 15 Feb otherwise my Learning Liscence will expire so gotta lern it b4 that. My bike it blue in colour and there no no. on it still so waiting for da no. dad told me he gonna buy a funky no or some no which will add up to 1 so waiting for it.
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