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which is the best c compiler?
i heard someone say dat turbo c++ runs on win98 but cant run on winxp. is dat so? even if it is true, then i can run it in compatibility mode in winxp, right?


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Turbo C++ runs perfectly on any windows that has the three lettered word "DOS" kernel in it ;) So yes it will/was/will always run on xp. :)

I like Dev-C++'s Compiler sets MiniGW and stuff of Cygwin, they are much in flow now and use the ANSI standard ;)


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Well QM, you are wrong and right. Win XP does not have a bit of dos (0r 16 bit) code in it. It's based on a the NT kernel and can only emulate the DOS environment for 16bit programs to run in. Sometimes you find that some dos game don't run. This is an effect of emulation; not all circumstances can be emulated.

But, yea, TC++ can be run in XP.
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