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  1. omega44-xt

    Using "C" Language in Win8

    I want to run C programs in windows 8 but I'm unable to find a suitable compiler. Can someone please suggest a good compiler ? I have downloaded Visual Studio Express for Desktop on my laptop but it gives the following error when I run it... I'm unable to find the Project properties
  2. ramakanta

    Turbo C ++ 3.0 Like Compiler

    Is any compiler(best) available as Turbo C++ 3.0 which can run in windows 7. please help me. Thank you
  3. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Compiler for graphics

    hi i am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit , anyone please tell me good compiler for c (i need to work with some graphics functions in c), i tried to install TURBO C but i am unable to install it..please tell me a good compiler for working with graphics under c for windows 7 64 bit...
  4. Ashokkumar01cbe

    where does the compiler present...

    i am using codeblocks for doing my c and c++ program , everybody knows that object code for a program is generated by complier .and that source code will vary depending upon the OS , for a same program. but my question is that is the compiler comes with the codeblocks software,or it is...
  5. Ashokkumar01cbe

    please help to solve this c program based on MACROS

    include"stdio.h" #define prod(x) (x*x) void main() { int i=3,j,k,l; j=prod(i+1); k=prod(i++); l=prod(++i); printf("%d\n%d\n%d",j,k,l); } i got the output in gcc compiler as 7,9,and 49 please explain me how the output will be like this..
  6. I

    C compiler for windows 7

    Hi guys, I urgently need an c compiler for windows 7 64 bit. I tried to search a lot on google but i could not find anything. I have my exams next month and i need it to practice. It would be nice if anyone can provide me a link or something. Thanks in advance.
  7. bijay_ps

    precedence between pre-increment and multipliction. how it works

    I wrote this code#include<stdio.h> void main() { int i,j; i=3; j=++i*++i*++i; printf("%d\n",j); } I am getting 216 as output in windows compiler and 150 in ubuntu compiler,but I anticipated that it should be 120. So guys plz tell me how this code is working?? and one more thing...
  8. NewsBytes

    The EKOPath 4 Compiler Suite Open-sourced by PathScale

    EKOPath 4 is a high performance compiler suite that had until now been a commercial offering by PathScale, and for a large sum of $1795 nonetheless. Now PathScale has announced that they will make the sources of this compiler suite available for free under the GPL3...
  9. C

    c++ compiler for windows 7

    does any1 out thr knw any c++ compiler dat wrks wid windows 7 ... pls suggest...
  10. C

    unknown error in ccs compiler

    Hi, i have been preparing to make the robot following the guidelines in digit's fast-track and dvd. on compiling the code in ccs compiler, it is pointing out an error in another window which it opened automatically. because of this error, it is not creating the hex file. i dunno wat it means. i...
  11. wolveine

    suitablec/c++ compiler

    i am unable to find a c/c++ compiler for my windows 7 32-bit,i tried 5 or 6 different compiler but they are unable to run,so please u guys can suggest me a suitable compiler for windows 7,32-bit
  12. Liverpool_fan

    C/C++ Beginner's Guide and Post Basic Questions here

    So you're willing to write your own code in C or C++, or simply compile someone else's code? This guide has been designed to get you started. References and Source for some of the content FAQ: Compiling your first C or C++ programs - Ubuntu Forums Welcome to FOSS Powered Wiki - FOSS Powered...
  13. arpanmukherjee1

    ASP.net problems

    i am relatively new to ASP but well educated on C# & C i have multiples problems. 1. i want to develop asp page like the codepad. now limiting to compiling only C codes. i choose tiny c compiler . it says it can take program inputs from standard input but on win xp it says "declaration...
  14. Vaikan

    Best available C compiler for Win 7

    Which is the best C compiler for win 7 64 bit version? please help me...... I tried Turbo C but does not work, DevC and CodeBlock do not have complete library....so i am totally confused as what to choose :?
  15. Cool G5

    Need a Good Compiler for C++ & Java

    I need a good & free compiler for C++ & Java for both Windows & Linux.
  16. K

    Turbo C++ alternatives for Linux?

    Hey, Im in class 12 right now, and pretty much a linux noob. How do I get the non ANSI code that we do in school to work? I tried installing g++ via build-essentials but it didn't support it. Even tried geany but no help there either. Is there a way for me to install the borland c++ compiler...
  17. L

    [b]C,Java Editor & Compilor For s60v3 Mobile

    Please suggest any free and good C,Java Editor & Compiler for s60v3 Nokia Phones ...
  18. ComputerUser

    Borland c++ compiler problem

    While using Relo with borland c++ compiler, the run window does not show up. Only a command prompt window comes up and goes away in a sec before I can see the output! And the same thing happens with turbo c++ ! What's happening?
  19. P

    C / C++ Compiler For Windows 7 x64?

    Hi, I had windows xp 32-bit earlier and my Turbo C++ worked fine. I installed Windows 7 RC x64 and now i am not able to install it. (Seems the installer is a 16-bit one). Anyone know a good C/C++ compiler that works on Windows 7 x64 systems? I didnt know where to post this, whether in...
  20. R

    Need a C++ compiler with graphics support

    guyz plz can someone tell me a c++ compiler with bgi graphics support or any alternative to it. i dled relo and dev c++ but cannot run anything.i can compile though but i'm not seeing any output. can any1 plz upload their working copy with everything configured.
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