[By Demand] September 2005 DVD+CD

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Yep u guys r right , even i gotta trouble readin this smaalll text in a jam packed 640x480 designed model of the flash version...


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I need following softwares on Sept Digit cd/DVD:-
Norton Ghost 9.0, Norton GoBack 4.0, Mandriva LE2005 OR Sun Solaris 10.

plz include this softwares


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norton ghost trial i havent seen ny where
No linux distros this month as it was decided earlier in previous month...


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Linux Distros, it's like they have became a "essential" for every DVD :eek:
I hate Flash, HTML looked so cool, with all those arrows and stuff flying around :p and plus The Flash interface is rather constiapting, lame! Please bring HTML back :(


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Plz includes softwares in the next month's DVD.


1) J2EE Sun Microsystem Application Server.
2) J2EE Sun Microsystem Application Server PDF documentation.
3) EJB tutorials / e-books.
4) J2SE 1.5 SDK with API documentation.


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:arrow: video reviews please!
:arrow: tutorials on jdk/sdk <applets>
:arrow: GTA san andreas
:arrow: Skoar in PDF
:arrow: internet explorer 7 beta [is it out yet?]

:arrow: :idea: one vote for stick to this new interface but do increase the size. flash rocks!!!! its much faster


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Bout SKOAR pdfs , i dont htink it will come in DIGIT Dvds coz then it will be a kinda loss for em with digit subs readin SKOAR without payin, maybe in SKOAR DVD thy will give it ? :?: :?: :?: :arrow:


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Please and Please post

NOKIA PC SUITE 6.6 in the SEPTEMBER ISSUE OF DIGIT AND THAT TO IN THE CD PLEASE.I Know that the earlier version had been posted ( NOKIA PC SUITE 6.5 )in the august issue but my NOKIA 6020 doesn't being supported in the earlier version.So I will be thankful if it is posted.
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