[By Demand] June 2009

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Debian Gnu/Linux User
> FAQ to Motherboard and Modem troubleshooting
> Review of various linux distributions
> Tips and Tricks about converting videos to mobile phone
> Fast track to developing web application (including designing, hosting, domain registration) through various readmade web site builders.
> want more software reviews than computer peripherls
> Linux <>Windows Comparative Guide (im not convinced:cry:)
> Include some hard-topics found in Digit_forum.

> Adobe photoshop cs4 & Indesign
> Mobipacket creator and reader
> MSDN lib
> Webaroo wikipedia dump
> Open suse


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Trackmania Nations United Forever....:) It is a free racing game. Include only if not included in May. :)


1. Urban Terror Maps from:-
2. Track Mania Nations United Forever
3. Trend Micro Internet Security Updates
4. Visual Basic (Latest)
5. Turbo C++
6. Tweak XP
7. Some *Cough*
(Just Joking)


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Fedora 10 DVD (plz......I really need ths)
Ubuntu 9 LTS (is gets released till thn)
MSDN Library

A detailed but simple guide about how to install softwares in linux manually

Fast Track on any programming language.....


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^^^^sry i mistakened........Ubuntu 9.04 released ths april......!!!
nyway plz try to provide the FEDORA 10 DVD......in d last issue you provided FEDORA 10 LIVE CD.....but as it is a live cd it misses out repositories........


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Windows Automated Installation Kit 992 MB



Debian Gnu/Linux User
Please start a special section in the mag to answer various questions on career developments.


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Please give these movies :

Classical Comedy Movies :

The Three Stooges in "Color Craziness"
The Three Stooges in "Disorder in the Court"

The Three Stooges in "Malice in the Palace"
The Three Stooges in "Sing A Song of Six Pants"
The Three Stooges in "Brideless Groom"

"The Fast and the Furious" (1954)

Windows 7 RC releasing on 5th may
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Digit guys beware, Chip is planning a mega issue with 3 DVDs for June at a price of Rs.150/- or Rs.175/-, so you guys need to offer something more than that.

My Demand
Ubuntu 9.04 - 64 bit Edition DVD


Excessive happiness
^^:-x ..Spam..

Anyway plz add a tutorial on "How to mod the GPU"...

Include some big games demo and some free games too...like Trackmania
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