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[By Demand] July 2009

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^^ How did you come to know that :confused: :shocked:

They haven't published the preview yet. So don't confuse users until the preview published.


Congrats for Anniversary!
but your June 2009 DVD content is not good!


IS IT A guess. If yes then it may be true. because from past few years there anniversary issues are a big issue in themselves.


But the DVD content link is downloading May 2009 pdf of DVD Contents.
Its really funny. Isn't it.:grin:


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Classical Comedy Movies :

The Three Stooges in "Color Craziness"
The Three Stooges in "Disorder in the Court"
The Three Stooges in "Malice in the Palace"
The Three Stooges in "Sing A Song of Six Pants"
The Three Stooges in "Brideless Groom"
"The Fast and the Furious" (1954)

Windows Vista SP2 both 32 & 64 bit
Microsoft Office Suite 2007 (SP2) Service Pack 2
Adobe Captivate 4
Dreamweaver CS4
Fireworks CS4
Ulead PhotoImpact 13
IrfanView with PlugIns 4.23
Seven Transformation Pack
XP SP2 64 bit


Always confused
.NET Framework 4.0 beta + SDK
Windows 7 and .NET 3.5 SP1 SDK
Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Professional 90 day Trail
(or) Visual Studio 2010 Beta
Vista SP2 32 and 64 bit

j1n M@tt

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Can you do a PSU and cabinet testing. More and more digitians are now inclined towards getting a good PSU and cabinet. few years before it used to be a mercury cabinet with a 400W psu but now many are lot picky about cabinet and PSU, thanks to mid range GPUs.

A full test drive on PSUs and cabinets will be welcome



Corsair DDR3 RAM review
X58 Motherboard review
PSU and Cabinet review

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Trial (for Windows and Linux both)
FastTrack to Website Designing

Wine, Dosbox and Eclipse IDE for linux with all dependencies (.deb packages will be appreciated)
Tips and tricks on customizing linux


Broken In
Most IMP:
Windows Vista SP2 both 32bit
Microsoft Office Suite 2007 (SP2) Service Pack 2

Firefox 3.5 Which ever latest RC is out by then (or even maybe final!!) (Heard RC1 will be out by 5th June)
Comodo Internet Security 3.9 [out on may 15]
Openoffice 3.1 [For windows of course!]

Hope the issue rocks!!


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Please include a article about 3D modelling software and career. Please include Age of Empires 3 in the DVD(full version please!!)
Or else try to include Star Wars Battlefront PC version


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Windows 7 Drivers for ( both 32 & 64 bit ) :

Nvidia, ATI, Intel, RealTek, Creative, Logitech etc.


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seemz tat july is abt to rollll
i say cheatbook database 2009
then wat a few gamezz
like counter strike source
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