1. M

    I want to exchange my xbox 360 with a ps3

    I don't know where to put this so I'm putting it here since it's about consoles.. I want to exchange my xbox 360(250gb) with a ps3 at least 160 gb.. I played xbox 360, now I want to play ps3 so i wanna exchange before putting my hands on the next gen consoles..
  2. A

    PSP hack

    hey guys.. my bro has got a new PSP.. just wanted to know if its possible to play the ISO files downloaded from the net.. I tried putting them in the memory card but it just doesnt show any games... will be very thankful if someone can help..
  3. sam9953

    Why does my PC does not startup once I have removed the RAM sticks?

    Hi guys, I am using a very old PC. A few years back I bought two RAM sticks of 1 GB each. Before putting those sticks in my cabinet my PC was working fine on the RAM of 256 mb which I had got when I bought the computer, but after buying those two sticks I never removed them. Today I planned to...
  4. S


    I installed a fresh copy of windows xp yesterday. Now whenever i try to install a driver it says error in Newdev.dll Missing entry: ClientSideInstall I tried downloading the dll and putting it into system32 but it was of no use. Please suggest me something
  5. S

    How to dlete the hard disk password?

    How to delete the hard disk password? Hi Guys, I was trying to protect my hard disk by putting a booting time password. I was successful in doing that by going to BIOS and then Security. But now when I don't need the password and want to disable it, I'm not able to do that. Even putting space...
  6. jeffrain123

    Intel D946GZIS for sale

    Im putting my Intel D946GZIS mobo for sale. Item is nearly 1 year old but still in perfect condition as i've been using a XFX 630i 7159 for the past few months.... Im putting it up now for 1.8K......shipping depends on location.... Free shipping for keralites......
  7. kin.vachhani

    usb password protection software

    Hi. can any one suggest me a software which can protect my usb harddrive as well as pen drive with password. I want access only after putting the right password in it. Thanks in advance
  8. pritish_kul2

    Putting a lock on a cd

    Can i put a password on a cd which is already burned?
  9. S

    Can anyone??

    can anyone tell me the way of putting the shut down,restart,logoff & hibernate button on the desktop without the help of any third party software!
  10. muzu x2

    Your Support Needed

    guys here, i would like members here to come and register on forum(link given below) and start putting out a word/email to ur friends if possbile. *www.urbanturmoil.com/forum
  11. muzu x2

    Your Support Needed

    guys here, i would like members here to come and register on forum(link given below) and start putting out a word/email to ur friends if possbile. snipped
  12. qudra

    Windows Shortcuts - A heaven's guide to master in shortcuts!

    have compiled this list to serve as a reference to the technical community. I am aware that it is not a complete list. For heaven sakes I can't even remember all of these. Please feel free to add any that you think are useful that I have left out. With the help of Advance in the coming...
  13. S

    can control ad of adsense?

    well a site of news is showing only one adense ads(same product) all the time which is totally irrelevent whats there is page... page is dynamic is there any way we can control what kind of ad appears in page... may be through title or putting some extra static contents... is there any...
  14. C

    code for counter in my web page

    i have a blog at blogger.com Can anybody here give me the code for putting a counter on my site.
  15. J

    [By Demand] July 2005 DVD

    Alright People, June DVD is done, start putting in your requests for the JULY ISSUE!
  16. H

    .SiS in Computer

    Hi, Cananybody tell me a way to open .SiS (Mobile Applications) in my computer. So that i can see what is that application about before putting it in my mobile.
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