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[By Demand] July 2005 DVD

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Right off the assembly line
my wishlist
1) IDA pro debugger/diassembler latest version
2) OllyDebug latest version

Ho man, I forgot to mention,

Plz include the Personal Learning Edition of Maya and 3D studio Max and
include some good tutorials for 3D design software like Maya, 3Ds Max etc.

This may be very much useful. javascript:emoticon(':p')javascript:emoticon(':p')


Broken In
is trial version for BEA Weblogic, Websphere available? if so, pls.. include it.

And also include apache tomcat.

and lots of vdos ......


Stabbing my shoe
I wonder why contents of JUNE DVD are not included.. Is it a surprise? If it is, plz give us 2 DVDs..(What a demand ? ? ? LOL..)
Anyways, give us some good freeware full version games, lots and lots of wallpapers, and LINUX softwre, games..



Well lemme see...
I would like the July DVD to carry:-
Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Definitly)
Lots of themes and wallpapers (Abstract wallpapers preffered over bollywood)
Linux tutorials (Please)


Full version commercial gamez :?: 2 DVDs :?: :?: :lol:
Samma them n00bz r

My vote is 4 adobe products (CS2 series) + Macromedia (or Adobe again :?: :wink: ) products <Flash +AuthrW.+DreamW.+Direct.> ... been quite some time they were seen in a Mag CD :!:
And for the d00dz who lick the platter if it has a pic of tux on it, just add superkaramba (from kde-look) with add-ons


Here is my resorted long list, everything is well balenced so I don't think digit will have any problem including these

1) 3DS Max 7 Demo & SP1

2) Flash MX 2004 Pro Trial

3) Dreamweaver MX 2004 Trial

4) Maya 6.5 PLE & Service packs if any

5) Photoshop CS 2 & Illustrator CS2 trial, a must
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