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Dear Admin,

can you work a lil hard and make a digital version of your Digital Passion?
I mean it must not be hard for you guys to create a flash based format of Digital Passion and then update it every month. With pictures(with enlargement option) and the all the Features, Performance, Price, Pros, Cons..etc.

And instead of putting data on particular section like video card, motherboard for particular month you may explore all the field and create a beautiful area for us in your digit dvd.

Since I am buying the digit from early 2006 (retail but regularly) I feel like this periculer space I like the most like I love the Agent 001's part too.

This is a nano idea from thinknano..which is came up of long time of experience and love for digit.

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Re: By Demand - Digit February 2009

BlueVoda Website Builder
Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows XP and Vista
Dragon Ball Z demo and free games
Little Fighter 2 Dragon Ball Z mod
GTA Vice City Mods
Digit Archive 2.0:confused:
Please Include more software in Essentials Section.
My website - http://flashwebdbzgt.weebly.com/
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cover story >> SECURITY SUITE ......

reviews on "Kaspersky Antivirus 2009" , "Norton Antivirus 2009" ,"ZoneAlarm" etc ........

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3d mark vantage and pcmark vantage full products.also adobe photoshop cs4 extended full version.darkgame studio full verion from the game makers would also be nice
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