[By Demand] Digit September 2006 DVD/CD

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hey, i want a fast track on maya 7 with a trial version of provided in the dvd


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a simple demand......

Plz can u give the PDFs of contents of CD & DVD with them?

I think they may help out.....


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guys can u preview some technical gadgets like microwaves, acs ..... gadgets other than cell phones and comp peripherals ..... atleast for 1 issue


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Can u Plz list the shops in Marathwada region for the computer sales.
And plz think on giving Microsoft Windows Vista in September plz.

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gooby pls
More than 1000 wallpapers
Latest Winamp Skins
Window Blinds Skins
Windows Media Player Skins

Also include "Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium Trial"


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I would like to have the demo of the Dark Messiah of might and magic, fantasy Fps based on the Source engine. Most of us would find it difficult to obtain by themselves as its a whopping 1.5Gb large.


Simple one:

SP2 for winXP..
Plz. I can't install IE7 and Windows Media Player 11. I don't know when you last gave that. I must have missed that issue..
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Well,include the latest "Cheatbook-2006" and atleast one full game such as "Civilization-2 or 3" or "Counter Strike-Condition Zero" or "MotoGP-3"[It's a long time that you included a bike game] or "MaxPayne".In the softwares front include "Norton SystemWorks-2006 Trial".
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