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[By Demand] April 2009

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Right off the assembly line
That is one cool projection clock!

This clock projects the time, date, or temp on the wall or ceiling http://www.liangdianup.com/clocks_1.htm some people call ,it a ceiling clock but I call it a digital projection clock. I got the black one because at the time that was the only color
they had. But now they have them in black and also in white.


Debian Gnu/Linux User
Fast Track:
* Linux <>Windows Comparative guide
* make ur own website (using with minimum coding)
* Troubleshoting Linux PC (it may be for ubuntu/fedora)
* Top Linux softwares on equalent to Windows softwares
* Blogosphere

* Usefull Short-term courses in Software/Hardware
* About Cisco/Sun Microsystem/ Microsoft / Redhat certifed courses
* Exclusive interviews of Technical Experts working on Big IT industries.
* Detailed reviews about Mobile Os
* Detailed reviews about Linux Distribution

Disc contents:
* Sabayon 4.2 RC
* Adobe Photoshop CS4
* MSDN Express edi.
* Winpenpack portable softwares pack (around 2GB)
* Useful articles /informations posted in Digit Forum


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Dreamweaver CS4
Full Dot Net 3.5 with SP1 package

Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Windows 11.0.1 Update
ACDSee 11.0.113
ACDSee Pro 2.5.363
Internet Explorer Collection
Orca Browser 1.1 Build 1
FileZilla Portable
FinalBurner FREE
Safari for Windows Beta
Sysinternals Suite Build 02/23/2009
HTTrack Website Copier for Windows 3.43-3

a-squared Free
PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition
SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition 4.25.1014

Vista SP2 RC release if it's available
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I'm in 3D Grafix world!!!
Vista SP2 RC release if it's available

Ya, its available....i need it too...

Pls include this....

Dreamweaver CS4
Windows 7 beta
Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha or Kubuntu 9.04 Alpha
Digit Software Archive !!!!!!!! when it will come??


Right off the assembly line
Tips and tricks on Microsoft Visual Studio-Visual C++ 2008
How to run and complie simple C++ programs that we do from Turbo C++??

Deleted member 26636

Digit Software Archive !!!!!!!! when it will come??


Right off the assembly line
Microsoft Robotics studio
Anroid Sdk
3ds max 2009
CUDA SDK ,tools, drivers
Include articles of Website design,Devleopment.
info about open source cms,forum,webmail clients .. etc


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^^ @ black_hole - 3ds max 2009 is in this months disc.

Windows 7 Beta
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 32 bit & 64 bit versions.
Some good old movies
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Right off the assembly line
Dear Sir,
I am a new reader of your magazine. And from the first issue which I have read- I feel it is something what I want for many days. I have a very small request - If it is possible to include the Service Pack-3 of the Windows XP(Professional) then please include it in upcoming issue. Thank you very much.
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