[By Demand] April 2005 DVD

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DKant said:
Sure. How about Half-Life? :p Wld be gr8 if ValvE finally got tired of milking that poor (OK not exactly) old cow. :D It still sells for 500 bucks. PLEEZ!

Newayz we're getting GTA2. I'm quite happy abt that and will be fairly busy with it (;)) for some time to come. So no more requests as of now.

On second thoughts...how about good ol' Deus Ex? It's retailing for a measly 200 bucks now. :(
Can you make your message simpler :!:
I did not understand a work in it except Half life
well it will also work
what is GTA2


Broken In
Golly, never heard of GTA??????????
GTA 2 is Grand Theft Auto 2. Its a game. Its available on the March DVD. Be sure to try it out. You take a role of a criminal on the loose wreaking havoc all over.


infernus said:
And what is so hard in understanding his post?
to tell the truth i am a really analogue novice
i am not aquiped with the 'net' language
i still dont undertand about that milking a cow
i know about grand theft auto but was not aware of short form
thanks for explaining





BYTE are u listening ??

26 Mb.


Back From Deathstar
dah............milking a cow means continuing to bring out expasions after expansions of that same old game.


Back From Deathstar
BTW dont forget to give
Freedom FOrce The Third Reich Demo
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Demo(is it really available)


Another Brick in the Wall
What about a firefox addon suite (with themes and extensions). It's a 80mb file and plz add it in the april issue, if possible.


Right off the assembly line
IS it too late to request.....one last mother of a download for the march edition??????

Splinter Cell: CHaos Theory Singleplayer Demo (571.5 MB)

This large demo download for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory includes the lighthouse mission at Punta Blanco, Peru, as well as several tutorial videos.

:( :( :cry:


Wise Old Owl
Again suse 9.2 and firefox themes & extensions.IF possible knoppix 3.7.I can`t download it using dial up .So -plz include it.


SuSE 9.2 professional
SuSE 9.2 professional
SuSE 9.2 professional
SuSE 9.2 professional
SuSE 9.2 professional
SuSE 9.2 professional


Broken In
Time for SuSe 9.2 Pro.
more votes plz :p

where do i post my suggestions? :(
all threads are locked out and there's no suggestion threads.. anyway here it is again :p

For the last few months, Digit is providing us with various linux distros. Its a great plus since we are able to enjoy all flavours now. There's a negative abt this too...

Each month, we need to waste 3-4 CD-Rs for burning the big distros. After a month, it becomes useless for many of us...since most of us can't have 4-5 linux distros installed at one time due to space constraints...

So, my suggestion is to try and make that DVD bootable so that the Linux distro can be installed directly from it without burning CDs. You'll say not all of us have DVD-ROM but then again you need a DVD-ROM to extract the CD ISOs before burning. So, nothing will change except for say, u'll save some 40-50 bux per month.
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