[By Demand] April 2005 DVD

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:arrow: Other Extensions of the Windows Blinds.... Like Object Dock and so on...

:arrow: Debian Linux Sarge!!!!!!!! You have missed the best of all Linux distros!!!!! Please do include it....


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hmm have Longhorn TP 9 so no need of it , i have heard that new ver of Autopatcher (jan 2005)is out...cud u give it ??


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It was very very disappointing not to see any sports game demos like ones for football , NBA , tennis in the march 2005 DVD preview. Atleast one of them should hav been included in the DVD. The following games which I'm going to mention below hav been rated 9/10 by reviewers on the net like gamespot.com . Hope this should be reason enough to put them on ur DVD !!

1. Atari Topspin Tennis Demo. ( file size : 2 variants of 289 MB and 230 MB )
download link for this game :

2. EA Sports UEFA Champions League 2004-05 Demo. ( file size : 165 MB )
download link for this game : *www.pcgameworld.com/details.php/id/5716/

3. Winning Eleven 8 International Demo (Soccer). ( file size : 199 MB )
download link for this game :

PLZ listen this time !!!


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digit was the first one to include the demo of freedom force.
Byte PLZ plz assure me that u will include freedom force:the third reich demo. its mindblowing


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America's Army:Special Forces
Freedom Force:Third Reich Demo
And please include more game modifications and game videos.
Could Digit include Talisman Desktop themes?


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Re: we want archive

I too want to suggest you to start the DVD archieves in the DVDs. Also please do provide the Norton Anti Virus updates. Since two months you are not providing.


Can you give new demos of call of duty
Imperium Galactica 2 full version
half life 2 demo
max payne full version

Will do with any of above games
Longhorn TP 9



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i have dial-up coz broadband has not yet reached our small town so i want this time digit should include kaspersky av and firewall. plz remove avast from essentials and include kaspersky as u know it is best and unbeatable. :D


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Only one request..

Please do mention the minimum system requirements for the games u provide in the preview itself.

I often install the games and find it configuration hungry and uninstall it..

pls pls provide the requiremets detials..ss
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