[By Demand] April 2005 DVD

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Re: Request for inclusion of software in the April 2005 DVD

k_rahul said:

First of all a high five for the march edition. it was really very nice and that book on digital photography was the icing on the cake. I have a request that if possible can u include the Service pack RC2 for windows server 2003 in ur april edition.

Thanking you,


can you please change your picture
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
plz choose some other :wink:


why need title?
nice photos of CARS(SPORTS CARS)yamaha and ducati bikes.. :D

why dont you also try giving some english albums.. lots are avail. on the net.. :D


Broken In
give diff games

you have given lots of fps games

please give full versions of homeworld or freelancer


Back From Deathstar
Dont forget the request of freedom force the third reich and splinter cell chaos theory and maybe even psytoxic if possible


Broken In
i think its a good idea to give us the api's of games such as q3 so that we develop our own bots....

cool idea of having a search tool for the dvd.

Give more free mobile utilities such as games ,tones etc.

why not give some e books which help us learn new trendz like .net etc


Adobe Acrobat Pro 7
Norton Antivirus 2005
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
Donot give-----
Linux distros(only few readers require them)
Games which donot require very high video card, just onboard intel 915g should suffice


Right off the assembly line
how about adobe photshop. then linux programs and ofcourse how to install them because the softwares given this month i could barely install them. so they r a must and simple games which can run on midle end machines and also like q3.and cool wall papers of all actress. 8)


Please try to Include any full Game thats Interesting as well as not much old can i see HALF LIFE or Counter Strike Full Versions ?? in April or May DVDS ?? its Possible to include i might think under the Theory that the more will play the more will get addicted to the game and upgrade to new versions of the same games ...or you can try to give NFS Series games


plz plz make an archive of the softwares which come on the dvd as we can at most times not know which software came when on the dvd

also plz include the large games from the site gamehippo.com
have u put winrar in digit dvd or cds. if not put it. and also then winDVD and other dvd files cutting tools. Hey what about cheatbook latest c'mon put it on the DVD guys. Aa Aa Aa....also put more tutorials on every thing. I mean that means. Thanks :D
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