1. T

    is it right time to get e90???

    hi all, i am planning to get Nokia E90 commuicator which costs aroung 33k. just that i needed a phone which is all in one and dosnt make me think that the model is outdated within months. No that this is THE BEST in its price range but hope everyone might support that this is one phone...
  2. dotcommakers

    Nokia E90 - Warranty - Bill - 2GB card - Pouch

    JUST 9MONTH OLD NOKIA E90 WITH FREE 2GB CARD AND POUCH WITH ALL ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES Location is Rajkot - Gujarat - India. Will ship via Bluedart so make sure that you will get it fast. Will charge for shipping what they charge me! Give me your best offer! Please be serious don't...
  3. N

    E90 The Brick?Price?

    I'm thinking of dumping all my phones and get a E90 aka brick/chappal I've read in digit it costs 40k.india celluals has 35k.what is the actual market price? Any alternative except HTC's locked diamonds ?
  4. Pathik

    Happy Birthday Preshit, sg, ironcross, deepu, prakhsr, king, kincriss

    @Preshit, hows the e90 doing?.
  5. dotcommakers

    buying e90 - give me your opinion/experience

    hi friends i am going to buy nokia e90 in few days.. Does any one has it? Please give me your opinion Any defect you find? write it here! What function you like most? write it here! regards
  6. dotcommakers

    4gb will work with nokia e90?

    hi friends i am just wondering has any one seen 4gb card working with nokia e90? anyone has tested it? regards
  7. dotcommakers

    e90 usb port question

    hi ardsriends. its seems crazy but i am not good with mobile configuarations but let me ask can I use pendrive with e90 usb port ? [i will use usb mini to big convertor!] reg
  8. dotcommakers

    e90 question

    hello friends i am planning to buy e90 in near future.. can any one give me idea or link for "instant messenger" feature in e90.. i have checked all features demo just this one left i know the softwares like agile [ i have purchased that!!]. I was just talking about "instant messaging"...
  9. dotcommakers

    communicator questions

    hello friends i am internet crazy guy.. i am looking for a mobile which has wifi, large screen and keyboard more features are welcome! thinking about nokia communicators.. e90 is out of budget now.. please suggest me a best mobile in this requirements happy holidays regards
  10. M

    Nokia E90 has been relaunched!!

    For all those guys waiting to buy Nokia E90 - it has been relaunched today after removing all the defects which were present during the initial launch. I bought it today for 38k (Delhi prices) though the prices will come down to around 35k once the availability issues get sorted out.
  11. O

    E90 production stopped??!!!

    It's very unfortunate that most 'hyped' mobile E90 is likely to be withdrawn by NOKIA. Presenly the production of E90 looks 'HALTED'. Poor E90 owners!!!!!!!!! (Source: *horia.vox.com/library/post/bad-start-for-e90---production-halted.html
  12. Gigacore

    Nokia's answer to the iPhone!

    the Nokia E90, Nokia's answer to the Apple iphone Mobile phones just keep getting better - it's a segment that is growing, and the competition is getting too hot to handle. If the Apple iphone was the latest buzzword, Nokia is not going to be left far behind. Check out the latest in the...
  13. napster007

    The All New Nokia E90

    Enter, the Big Daddy of all phones! The E90 may look like and perhaps feel like any other communicator, but is it really? The answer is a resounding NO! The previous models, although still quite popular in many arenas has nothing on this baby. With a combination of elegance, style and a sturdy...
  14. L

    N95 or SE W960i or E90 ?

    Hi folks, I have a friend coming in from south korea next week. He can bring me a mobile from there. Please advise, which mobile to buy - the N95, The SE W960i or the E90 and why ? please help me folks. thanks lovemeall26 Oh I forgot to add the Blackberry pearl or the blackberry curve.
  15. dhan_shh

    Got my E90!

    Got my E90 for 36K! Amazing display,both inner & outer Comes with old FW 07.22 and without BBC (Blackberry Connect)!? Installed FW 07.24 and BBC! Excellant CAM! E-Mail checking is good,better than E61 but I still love my N9500's way or WM6.0 device's outlook's way of checking...
  16. dhan_shh

    E90 has ARRIVED !

    I think in a few days,we'll have E90 for a price of 36K ! Probably an amazing device with tons of features: - Symbian OS v9.2 - S60 3.1 - Feature Pack 1 - 330 MHz OMAP2420 (ARM11) - 128 MB RAM - HSDPA 3.6 Mbps - UMTS, EDGE, GPRS - WLAN B/G 54 Mbps - 3.2 Mpix autofocus camera - VGA...
  17. Pravas

    Nokia e61i Nokia e90 SE W960i

    Hi guys, i want to buy a new phone again for me. My top list are:- Nokia e61i Nokia e90 SE W960i Now guys i have excluded Nokia N95..because...only because of its poor Batttery life. 1>I like Nokia e61i as it is fully loaded but doubt about its performance, i mean about the system...

    The Nokia e90. The end of series 80?

    On paper the e90 seems to outshadow all of the the e series and 9000 series models, it even sheds the series 80 platform for symbian 9.x...... Is series 80 dead as we know it? Or do we need a press release like the ngage?
  19. alsiladka

    Nokia N77, E90, E61i and E65 Announced

    The Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia E65, and Nokia E61i support the most popular email and business voice and other productivity and leisure time solutions, operate across different continents using the quadband GSM and 3G network frequencies, provide fast broadband data connectivity with 3G WCDMA...
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