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Hi friends,

I am considering to buy a new premium handset, already have experience with windows phone as well as galaxy S advance (have used s3 also). Plan is to buy a new high phone soon, preferably dual sim, HTC One dual sim was recently launched however, I since samsung S4 is available at few places between 32K to 34K , HTC One looks overpriced at 40K .

Are there any upcoming launches in 35K-40K bracket for which I should wait or S4 seems fair deal or Xperia Z ultra is one I should buy though I am not in favour of anything more than 5.5" .

Reason for this question is that after buying that new phone for such price, I want to feel exciting for a good period of time, but not just an hour or so :)


If you are cool with waiting then wait till September as Optimus G2 is gonna be released tomorrow. So the prices of current phones might come down.


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+1 For s4 if you Are Getting Around 34 K.
Even Note 3 Is Coming soon If you don't mind larger Displays


Grab s4 if under 35k....Its a steal deal...Not in favour of g pro as screen gets a bit too large for single hand use....K900 is a good option but only if u've got a budget restriction(and also is large)...


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I decided to wait and now note III is launched but even after searching for 2 days I am not able to decide as now I see DUAL SIM as must. I even went for G2 but it doesn't have the feel, a friend recently purchased it.

Now three things are changed:
a. I am ok with size upto 6" , infact prefer 5"
c. Should have upclass feel as with G2 , I was highly disappointed...
HTC One Dual SIM seems to be the only option but its priced at 42k +........

Cheaper option is Huawei Ascend P6 at 26k. It's performance is on par with S3, has dual sim & 2GB RAM but no NFC.


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In China, Samsung S4 dual is available, why not in India ?...would have been preferred choice. I am only looking for something from Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and may be Nokia.

Feeling seriously disappointed, there is no good large screen dual sim premium phone is available in India.. only HTC ONE with 4.7" but I don't want that.
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Let me tell you the best phones you can get
2)LG G2
3)Sony Z1
4)Note 3 -Though I hate samsung,note 3 does have a bit of a premium feel/look,but it's to too big for my hands


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I seriously wish Note 3 had dual SIM.. my first and foremost priority is DUAL SIM, if it was not the case, would have purchased Note III already because of its large screen yet compact design, being 5.7" , still its only 5 mm bigger than Xpera Z1 (which is 5").

Wish Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002 with dual SIM card support was launched in India already. I guess I have to settle with some low cost dual SIM phone.. LG G Pro lite has large screen , dual sim but total ****..

Even S4 dual is not in India..
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