1. Tenida

    Expert suggestion for buying LED TV

    1. Budget? 33K (max) 2. Display type and size? 32 inch-42inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV, Console gaming and watching movies 4. Ports Required? min 2 HDMI, 1USB (two will do wonder :P ) 5. Preferred choice of brand? Premium (samsung, Lg and Sony), budget brand (VU) 6. Any TV/monitor...
  2. CloudVII

    STRIX-GTX980TI-DC3OC-6GD5-GAMING Unboxing :D

    The beastly Asus STRIX 980Ti is finally here!! Below are some specs and High resolutions pictures ! Please have a look :D Specs- 1317MHz GPU boost clock in OC mode with 7200MHz factory-overclocked memory speed for outstanding gaming experience. DirectCU III with Patented Triple...
  3. izzikio_rage

    Canon 60D, 700D or some other

    Need to buy a DSLR for a friend. They're planning to spend about 50k on the camera + kit lens. What would be a better option, going for the older but tried and trusted 60D or the new 700D (which is almost at a 15k premium). Or is there a competitor from nikon that might be a better bet?
  4. RCuber

    Battlefield 4

    This thread is dedicated to Battlefield 4 Multiplayer discussion. Please post your Battlelog/EA ID so that I can post it in here.. Will add more content soon. * Battlefield 3 Premium vs Battlefield 4 Premium size
  5. Ricky

    Buy or wait - premium smartphone

    Hi friends, I am considering to buy a new premium handset, already have experience with windows phone as well as galaxy S advance (have used s3 also). Plan is to buy a new high phone soon, preferably dual sim, HTC One dual sim was recently launched however, I since samsung S4 is available at...
  6. evil_maverick

    Confused which TV to buy....DTS OR NO DTS

    Hello ppl, i am looking to buy a new FHD LED TV.. Budget is arnd 40k... Now i was looking at a few of the older models ... i narrowed down to samsung 42EH5000 & 40EH6000..both these Tvs offer roughly the same..the 6000 has a higher refresh rate.... now i was confused about whether these tvs...
  7. D

    Battlefied 3 on ps3

    Hello Guys Does anyone have a bf3 premium pack or all the map packs? Please pm me.
  8. D

    Any SWTOR players here?

    Just curious, are the any here who play Star Wars: The Old Republic? If so are you f2p, premium or a sub?
  9. ghantaukay

    Windows 7 Home Premium installation ID problems

    Hi. I use genuine Win 7 Home Premium OS. Recently I bought a OCZ ssd and on the advice of this forum I did a clean re install of windows . Everything is fine except that my windows 7 has to be reactivated within 3 days. I tried using the phone in option and was told to type in the installation...
  10. doomgiver

    STEAM premium account required

    as some of you know, a hacker took control of my account last year, and i've not been able to play on steam for 9 months (due to steam not working on tata photon + ) in jan this year, i finally switched ISP's. now i have got steam installed, and im in the preocess of getting my account back...
  11. A

    Best laptop to buy

    Hi, Please help me in finalising my laptop. I am a web designer. I mostly used software of adobe suite. My preferred configurations : 1- I7 3rd generation processor 2- 8gm ram (memory) 3- 1tb hard disk 4- windows 7 premium or Windows 8 My budget is INR 50, 0000 to INR...
  12. mohityadavx

    Reinstall Windows 7 have key CD missing

    Hey! This is on a friend's behalf. he is having a Dell laptop which came preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. He has the key of the windows but he has lost the installation CD and he wants to format the system due to some issues and want to reinstall Windows? Could he download...
  13. sriharsha_madineni

    [For Sale] Battlefield 3 Premium Edition

    Product Name : Battlefield 3 Premium Edition | Buy Battlefield 3 Battlelog profile : sriharsha87 - Battlelog / Battlefield 3 Expected Price: 2K Time of Purchase: June 2012 Reason for Sale: Don't find time for gaming these days. Payment Options: Bank transfer I'm selling my BF3 PE Origin...
  14. N

    Are these DELL's good ??

    help me choose the best rig form these Dells and please also consider the price , video card 1. 2.
  15. S

    Dell Laptop that can handle gaming

    So I have dell credit and am looking at updating my laptop. I would like to stay in the 1500us budget but can spend a little more I currently have a studio xps 1645 (1st gen i7 quad core, 500gb HD, radeon 4430 GPU, 4gb ram) I am looking for something smaller 15in or less with better battery...
  16. rider

    Upgrading Windows 7 from vista

    Hello, my friend has an old core2duo laptop comes with windows vista home premium 32bit and he he now recently bought windows 7 home premium to upgrade and he don't want to format the C: drive as all his data and software would get lost. So, tell me the procedure how to upgrade windows 7 without...
  17. P

    Best Download Manager with Remote Access

    Guys, I am searching the best DM which has excellent acceleration and which supports Remote Access over the Internet like uTorrent Remote. Currently I am using FDM. I have premium account in Rapidshare. I want to monitor the downloads from office.:lol:
  18. K

    BeyerDynamic Headphones

    Does any1 here owns any of the Headphone manufatcured by BeyerDynamics need of some Gud reviews of its premium models !!!
  19. S

    Upgrading from Windows 7 Home Basic to Windows 7 Home Premium

    I have an Asus Laptop which came with Windows 7 Home Basic edition. has an upgrade from windows 7 home basic to Home premium on sale. But on the item discription it says that OEM version of windows cannot be upgraded. If I purchase this upgrade, can I upgrade window HB on my laptop...
  20. giprabu

    What is the windshield change cost for Wagon-R ??

    Recently a small stone struck the windshield while driving resulting in a crack. I would like to know as what would be the repair cost after claiming insurance and also, will my insurance premium raise next year if i do the claim ?? Too lazy to call those guys and ask, that is why posting...
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