Buy an android phone under Rs 20k


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I need to buy an android phone under 20k... the budget can be extended to 22k if necessary!! Don't suggest me Indian or Chinese mobile phones!!Thanks in advance!!


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Even though i have significantly less experience with various phones, i'm going to go ahad and suggest you to buy the phone i own myself, LG Optimus L9. At 18k you'll get 4.7" screen , 1 GHz TI OMap proccessor, 1 GB RAM ( Shows around 768 MB ) Power SGX 540 GPU ( quite good at this price ), comes with ICS (4.0.4), runs all app smoothly, browsing is almost perfect, New forum alloted at xda forum so you can expect app development to commence soon.


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better than any competing mobile. Best in class GPU. Else go for HTC One S at 23k but lose out on expandable memory.


Desire SV is available for around 19k or be less, so at that price it is a very good buy.
One S is nowhere available in white color at 23k, the grey color is available though but it doesn't looks nice.
Or can buy Xperia SL at 23k from tradus.
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