1. Chetan1991

    Need bluetooth keyboard and mouse for 1k or less

    Looking for a pair of Bluetooth (not proprietary) keyboard and mouse to use with windows devices as well as android ones. I'm fine with purchasing them separately as well. Don't want to spend more than 1k, cheaper the better.
  2. G

    Buying 1 TB intetrnal HD soon

    Looking at other threads here, I plan for buying WD blue 1 TB internal HD in a couple of days. Anything I should know before buying, If not this one / if not available, are there other options within 5000 Rs. ? Do I have to buy the datacable separately ? Thank You
  3. Sam22

    HCL ME 74 Keyboard key

    Hello all, One of the keys of my laptop keyboard just broke down so I wanted to know can it get one key separately for it or do i have to change the whole keyboard? I am using HCL ME 74.
  4. S

    Building a new Rig

    Building a new rig. Will be buying most of it from Lamington Road. My usage: Virtual OS Video Editing - 1080p Gaming - Metro 2033,Crysis 2,Battlefield 3 Multi-taking - Multiple Games,Programs Web - Like 20-50tabs Multi-Display - Might do this in future,suggest separately for this...
  5. NewsBytes

    LG EXPO GW820 unveiled with a biometric sensor and projector

      LG seems to be on a phone-making spree and have recently churned out a new one -- the LG Expo GW820.  The Expo GW820 has a 3.2-inch touchscreen  with  a QWERTY keypad --which seems to be quite the trend these days. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.5. The phone also allows the use of a detachable...
  6. G

    Need Price for LGA 775 CPU cooler

    I have messed up badly with my CPU cooler(Heatsink). 1 out of 4 plastic screws is gone and I am using my PC with cabinet laid down. Can anybody tell me where can I get new cooler and at what cost in Mumbai/Thana?Does Intel sell those cooler separately? Need urgent reply. Thank you.
  7. A

    IE8 RC1 "Leaked" available for download!

    Saw this on WinMatrix. The installer for XP and Vista are separately available. Only for 32 bit. <snipped>
  8. skippednote

    Heat Sink Core 2 Duo

    I'm going to buy a Core2Duo E7300, so can you tell me that the Heat Sink which is placed above the processor is given with the Processor or do i have to buy it Separately and is it necessary to use thermal paste. How much does the Heat sink cost. I was referring to this one-----
  9. E

    Question about HP laptop numbering system

    :confused: I just bought what is described as a HP Pavillion DV6910US. It says that it is that model on the service tag but it also states: "Product: HP Pavillion DV6700" on the same tag. This is a bit confusing to me because I was under the impression that they are two different machines, at...
  10. krates

    Best bluetooth enhancement for 3K

    I want to get myself a bluetooth headphone i was having my eyes on S9 but no one sells it separately so can't get it please suggest me some good stylish ones :D
  11. panacea_amc

    Suggest me a LAPTOP plz

    helo all, i intend to buy a new laptop. i wud like 2 ve d foll features- . hard disk 80 gb prefferably. if i opt 4 160 gb, how much xtra will it cost? . 17 inch screen size . no need for webcams. . no need 4 high end graphics card. . no need 4 gud speakrs. i WILL use ATP3 separately. ...
  12. T

    Loud CPU fan noise

    Hi, When I am starting my PC, I get a very loud buzzing sound from my processor fan. This goes away after 10-15 mins. Is there a problem? Can I buy a proc fan separately and replave the one that came from Intel? Thanks, TL
  13. T

    good earphone for n73

    i am kinda of not satisfied with the earfones that i got with my n73 music edition. kindly suggest good earphones with price. i tried my friends earphone that he got with SE walkman cellphone w700i. can those be purchased separately. are there much better ones available. pls reply...
  14. royal

    Price of external HDD

    Friends, can anyone tell me the price of an external 40 GB(3.5 inch/5400 R.P.M) hard disk. Is it better to get a ready-to-use one or do I need to get the disk/covers/USB cords separately and then assemble them ? :confused: Any suggestion is welcome.Kindly reply before this weekend. :)
  15. P

    puzzling 691 error question

    hi, i have a very annoying problem that has been driving me crazy for the past five days. i have a sify dial-up connection(one of those 3months deal for Rs.399.) for the past three years which gave me no problems until now. every time i try to connect to the net, i get a error 691 which says...
  16. L

    hard disk problem!!! help

    hello everybody im having a p4 2.4ghz, 512ddr, 865gbr motherboard and two 7200 rpm 40 gb hard disks. both having operating system separately. now my problem is that after making one hdd master and another slave through jumper setting, sometimes my pc detect the OS of slave hdd. why this...
  17. J

    AutopatcherXP or SP2

    Hi all, Is it necessary to install SP2 if I have updated my windows with AutopatcherXP. Do AutopatcherXP have built in SP2?? you don't need to install SP2 separately. Thanks
  18. R

    Crashing Microsoft

    Hi there! I have a Win XP OS, two hard drives of 40 and 160 GB each and 50 GB of data. Of late, MS Office apps, whichever require formatting (Word, Publisher, etc) crash on opening. Antivirus software ( (MacAfee) erports no virus. AntiSpyware software(Spyware Doctor) reports no spyware. Have...
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