Building a Linux System Even Your Grandmother Could Use

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Hmm I feel that's offering too much choice and wasting too much money over hardware for a grandmother. I haven't seen any grandmothers playing games. So, a graphics card and 1GB of RAM??
A system with just Mandriva and a fewer choices would have been more suitable IMO.
PS :- I am around but don't have much time these days to read such long articles and again post back on it.


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U kidding me, giving her all that hardware and she jus wanna run word and ie. Cmawn, give me that pc I wud use it to its peak :D


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Yes, I also agree with @Mehul here. I think a PC with 1 Ghz Processor, 512 MB RAM +
good speakers is more than enough for his Grandma!! This PC spec is good enough
for running most Games, Office suites etc., Anyway nice of him to present his Grandma
with a very good PC. Mandriva Linux is good one for Linux newbies, I don't think Gentoo
will be the right choice for her. He could have chosen Kubuntu, Fedora , Suse, or Ubuntu
as the second Linux distro.
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