1. Ricky

    Positive Experience Lots of things all positive

    I have purchased lots small gadgets those are generally hard to find and everything was in time and nicely delivered. Just sharing here as good work should be acknowledged.
  2. JojoTheDragon

    What can we do to help the environment?

    I've thinking these past days about the ways in which commom-man can help the environment. I could only think of one. Other people please share your tips and help increase the list. :) 1)Don't throw those "chips" packets , etc on the road, drains, or anywhere public. Instead open them up...
  3. V

    Please Help me choose New Hardware for PC Upgradation

    My current office system configuration is as given below in the screenshot, I use solidworks 2009 ... it is very very slow to work on solidworks (a solid modeling software) using this configuration. So I am requesting to seniors here to please suggest me a new configuration so as to...
  4. P

    LInux DC++ crash problem!!!!!!!!

    I use Ubuntu Hardy ........when I start linux DC++ , the software starts fine and works nicely for a minute or so but automatically closes after that. It used to work nicely until few days back I even tried it reinstallig it but no avail !!!!!!! PLZ tell me what to do???
  5. rohitshubham

    very slow computer

    hey my computer is very slow now The program open very slow and it is not slow every time. It is slow sometimes only especially when i open a program and it is fit after that I have 2 copies of xp on my C dive . is that the problem?? Or my explorer.exe process goes up to 25,200K is it the...
  6. jtahlian

    send me a list of games which i can play on my pc

    :confused:hello friends i have just joined the digit family i hope there are so many good friends i have bought a new pc the configurations are given below Model Name : GA-M61SME-S2(rev. 2.x) -------------------------- M/B Rev : 2.x BIOS Ver : v6.00PG Serial No. ...
  7. iMav

    Move Over iPhone ... Theres a new tech wonder

    Heres Innovation - The 1 Lac Car .... The TATA Nano Its here its true a dealer price of 1 Lac for the basic model .... 624CC engine externally 8% smaller than the Maruti 800 internally bigger than the 800 mileage of about 20 meets all safety norms adheres to Bharat III and Euro IV stds the...
  8. Faun

    Why doesn't Linux need defragmenting?

    Why doesn't Linux need defragmenting? Nicely explained:D
  9. codename_romeo

    Need Help regarding HDD

    If i have to merge different partitions or modify the size of partitions without losing the data stored in the hdd, which software should i use?????? it should be a freeware and should do the job nicely
  10. T

    Deleted boot.ini

    My brother very nicely deleted my boot.ini. <_< Kept getting the error BEFORE OS choices saying "NTLDR not found" Anyways.. I looked up some stuff online, and found this awesome site that deals with just about all cases.... (nice name, eh? :P) Back to the...
  11. rakeshishere

    Building a Linux System Even Your Grandmother Could Use

    Hey guys chk this link Out..Its pretty funny and nicely Said..Just try to know what he is missing and what he wants to say:D
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