1. M

    Replacing HP Laptop Missing Key

    I have an HP Pavilion P077TX Laptop.The windows key has popped off and to replace this with the official service center,i need to replace the whole keyboard assembly,which will cost me 2000+ .. I have the key. the clips inside it are missing. Where can i get the replacement clips in India...
  2. Mizanurification

    [App] Viper4android [Easy Guide]

    Most people do know about Viper4Android and some even use it while most dont bother coz of the complex nature. This guide is for them. Earlier i used ES18, Pistons 2 and was using a Rs.90 Ubon earphone after my P2 went kaput. I'm no way an audiophile and don't like spending too much on...
  3. K

    ASUS K555LJ-XX131D Windows 7 load problem? cd/dvd drive device driver missing?

    ASUS K555LJ-XX131D(free dos) During installing from USB , getting Error :"cd/dvd drive device driver missing...." Tried:Unplug the USB DVD drive when you get back to the Welcome screen Plug the DVD drive into a different USB port Click Install Now to proceed with the installation how...
  4. M

    Internet Explorer New tab missing

    I dont know what happened my new tab option is missing from the drop dox box when you right click a like,it just shows "open" and "open in a new window"...........Help!(newest version of IE in windows 8)
  5. O

    Missing SKOAR! April 2014

    Guys...sorry this might not be the right section..i am missing the digital edition of SKOAR! from DIGIT-April 2014 edition...the accompanied DVD does not contain the pdf version of SKOAR! Am I missing something? Pls reply. Thanks.
  6. vedula.k95

    Digit Gif file missing and where is the onsite textfield?

    Seems like the Digit forums logo is missing is it the same for you all or am i the only guy facing this problem? and the login field in the forums site is missing too? - - - Updated - - - okay now its weird that i am missing my avatar too...:shock:
  7. ramakanta

    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - Install Inside Windows

    In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version , there are missing of Install Inside Windows option . where to find this option . ??? it s for 10.04 but missing in 14.04 ????????????:confused:
  8. A

    EIVTC is missing

    My friend had an motherboard asus p5g41t-m lx3 it was running fine but suddenly it starts giving error eivtc is missing press any key when we press a key it says Reboot and select a proper bootdevice or insert boot media in selected boot. He is also using 1tb external harddisk and i think...
  9. Empirial

    Unable to Edit Tags & Album Art

    Hi, I'm unable to edit tags & add album art using iTunes, JetAudio & Professional Tag Editor, even that Artwork tab in iTunes is missing. iTunes : (As you can see, those missing tabs are visible in other file.) Jet Audio : Professional Tag Editor:
  10. curioustechy

    Files missing from pendrive

    Of late i'd two back to back cases of files missing from my pendrive..in the latest case i copied 2 folders both together having size 13.4gb and when i plugged in that after a day, alas! there were no folders or files in that... but the capacity of pendrive shows that it is 13.4gb occupied...
  11. E

    External Hard dis problems !

    I'm not sure if this is a software (Operating System) problem or not, but your help would be appriciated! I happen to use Seagate's FreeAgent GoFlex 2TB Harddrive [NTFS format] and am using it on a Windows 7 Ultimate with SP 1(x86). The drive would usually show up under "Devices with...
  12. liverpoolfcfan

    Elder Scrolls online

    Any body interested in this game? do you think that Zenimax Online can produce a true elder scrolls game. because for me this game alienate original elder scrolls fan, and after spending so many hours in Morrowind,Oblivion & Skyrim it is disappointing to see this game & missing so many elder...
  13. zacfx05

    what is the difference between lenovo g480 and b480

    Hello friends, i cant make out the difference between the two G480 and B480, since both have similar configs and price, can someone (Lenovo users) shed some light in to the matter. is there any quality difference or is there any features missing with either of the one. i cant find g480 in any...
  14. R

    .dll file missing..............

    hello friends, i have a insipiron 15r special edition, i recently updated my OS to windows 8 initially it was fine soon i find problems while installing games and few softwares. I always find probelms of missing .dll files in the system when i'm tried to find solutions i endup finding only few...
  15. ithehappy

    Mega is coming back!!

    Just read this news in Tech2 and I'm freaking happy. Was missing MU each and every day. http://tech2.in.com/news/web-services/dotcom-says-new-site-legal-no-revenge-for-megaupload-saga/702842
  16. R

    intallation problem

    I have a windows 8 OS when I tried to installed max payne 2 it shows that KF2MFC.dll file is missing when I tried to install it I couldn't install it please help me.
  17. chandan3

    NFS most wanted 2012 cant instal

    Hi guys after intall NFS most wanted 2012 .computer shows The program cant start because D3DCOMPILER_43.dll is missing from my computer what i ll do.ple help me now.
  18. Kev.Ved

    Remedy for call/message log missing in Samsung smartphones

    In case you are using a Samsung smartphone and find that the entire call/message is gone missing then follow these steps: 1. Synchronize the phone with your PC/Laptop using Samsung Kies software 2. Backup the log 3. Restore the backup to the phone The log should appear. Common...
  19. rahul_c

    Issues after virus epidemic

    My laptop recently suffered from a virus, avast removed it but these problems still exist - 1. Unable to pin programs to task bar - There is no option to pin a program, neither while running nor in the shortcut. I am aware this is due to some missing registry thingy, help. 2. This one is is...
  20. V

    Bass Boost Enhancement is Missing on Windows 7

    bass boost enhancement option is missing in windows 7 os. now i am using 2.1 speakers there is no bass sound is coming from sub woofer speaker. because of this missing enhancement. plz help me to get it back.
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