BSNL broadband downtimes

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Ambassador of Buzz to used to be the DNS servers exclusive only for Verizon subscribers. They were taken over by Level 3 Communications later and were opened to the general public.


bsnl (ul750) dies frequently:x at afternoon till evening 5 & then after 11pm onwards:x
(near b'lore)

been using Airtel at chennai, in this year , suffered only one "3 hour" downtime, that too due to some server side problem.


Broken In
BSNL dataone connectivity is good. Download Speed generaly remains above 1.5 Mbps even though my nearest tele exchange is about 7 KM away. I have been user of Dataone for last 1 Yr.

Speedtest at *
Download : 1.48 Mbps
Upload : 167 kbps

Problem lies with non compliance of complaints. In Jan 08, I applied for switch over from Home 250 startup plan to Home Combo 500 C. Bimonthly bill received during last week of Feb 08 shows that plan wef 10 Jan 08 changed to Home 500 and not Home Combo 500 C. When I aproached various sec and written letters, they again changed plan wef 14 Mar 08 into Home Combo 500 C. It means for mistake done by them, I will have pay of approx Rs 400 more.

Under Home 250 Startup Plan (Free 1 GB per month)
From 010108 To 090108
My usage as dataone website shows 0.219 GB
Net Chargeable NIL

Under Home 500 Plan (Free 2.5 GB per month)
From 100108 To 310108
My usage as dataone website shows 0.847 GB
Net Chargeable NIL

But Landline Bill for Jan shows
Brdband USG-200801 3470
Fr: 1024, Net 985, Rt:0.80 = 886.50

I have written several letter incl to CGM/GM/AGM but till dt no reply nor bill modified.
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